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Drama Gong is the futher evolution of dance-drama as well as folk opera. It is to a greater extent than realistic than the operas, leaving the hard lyrics as well as songs as well as dances, but nonetheless the gamelan music remains. So as well as hence people called it "Drama Gong", the drama accompaniend yesteryear gong orchestra.

The release of players is unlimited but the cast ever includes king, queens, a proficient looking prince as well as his friends, closed to other prince amongst a bed character, a beautiful princess, as well as closed to other players to accommodate the simpler roles. The stories are completely free, hence are the dialogues. They usage the local language, Bahasa Bali, as well as Bahasa Republic of Indonesia at once, as well as fifty-fifty closed to words of English linguistic communication if they accept to shpw a business office amongst that language. Drama Gong is the favourite present for the youth. It is played from nigh 10pm until dawn.


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