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Parhyangan human face refers to human relationships amongst the spiritual environs to mirror human existence equally human being religious or equally living brute that entertains belief inwards a supernatural ruler (God). To hit wellbeing, adult man e'er maintains harmonious interaction amongst spiritual environs too expresses thw religious emotion, activity, facility too community.
In Balinese culture, equally inspired yesteryear Hinduism, religian is reflected inwards diverse aspects of community life; 3 hardly exists whatever human face of human life that is totally secula inwards nature. Religious aspects are perceivable everywhere too reflected inwards harmonious human relationships amongst the spiritual environs (Parhyangan).
The event of social club unity inwards Bali tin survive seen inwards the community organization, krama (community member) equally Pawongan element, inwards wewidangan (territory) equally Palemahan chemical factor too inwards Kahyangan Tiga (three community temples: Puseh temple, Dalem temple too Baleagung /desa temple) equally Parhyangan element. In the scheme of Subak (traditional organisation for administration of irrigation water), are known krama subak equally Pawongan element, the agricultural plain equally Palemahan chemical factor too the rituals dedicated to Sri the goddess equally Parhyangan element.
Similarly, tourim inwards Bali mightiness advisably set the 3 elements equally follows; operators of tourim manufacture equally Pawongan element; tourism nodes too the incoporated infrastructure equally Palemahan element; too the ritual conected to Laksmi the goodess equally Parhyangan element.
These 3 elements (Parhyangan, Pawongan too Palemahan) stand upward for an inseparable unity. Harmonioue human relationship betwixt these 3 is beliaved to survive able to generate maximum produce goodness to human spiritual too physical wellbeing. In precipitous contrast, unbalanced too disharmonious human relationship amongst to a greater extent than emphasis on exclusively 1 human face is beliaved to survive able to impairment human wellbeing.


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