Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Taman Ujung

Karangasem existed every bit a big kingdom at 1 fourth dimension alongside its working capital alphabetic quality Karangasem (now it is called Amlapura). As was the custom of those days the manly mortal monarch stayed at his Puri, the palace, in addition to sometimes spent his fourth dimension inward a gardened bungalow Taman Ujung, or if he pleased he could boot the bucket to his H2O pond palace Tirta Gangga. Unlike the Puri which nonetheless remains inward the recent days in addition to has instruct 1 of alone ii consummate palaces inward Bali (the other 1 is the Puri Gianyar), Taman Ujung in addition to Tirta Gangga were ravaged yesteryear the eruption of mountain Agung inward 1963. Only a small-scale business office of Taman Ujung was restored though non tp its master copy condition.

The restored bungalow inward Taman Ujung shows the combination of Balinese carvings in addition to middle-ege European architecture.

Standing at a further distance, either inward Taman Ujung (4 kilometers from Amlapura) or Tirta Gangga (5 kilometers from Amlapura), in addition to 1 tin imagine their beauty during the quondam days.


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