Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Jauk

Jauk is a classical singel trip the calorie-free fantastic to limited the actions in addition to movements of a demon. As trip the calorie-free fantastic Jauk is shown betwixt several numbers of singel dances. athe dancer, aboy or an former man, wears the classical coetume of a knight alongside a demon mask on his face. He must exhibit his talent inwards imitating all sorts of movements, without changing his facial expression, since the mask his face.

The steps in addition to movements of Jauk appear to accept a lpt of resemblance alongside the elements of Baris dance, but his mode is to a greater extent than exaggerated in addition to violent. It too dominates the music. The dancer's long nailed fingers are used to betoken the music histrion to dull downwardly or to speed upwardly the rythm, or to alter the tune according to the steps in addition to movements he wants to improvise.

The master Jauk is a play where the dancers are wearing the demon masks. They enact a certainly episode of Ramayana or Mahabharata flush inwards former linguistic communication Kawi version.


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