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Palemahan is derived from a discussion lemah which agency province (tanah), yard (tanah pekarangan) or short town (wilayah pemukiman). In full general palemahan is an aspect of Tri Hita Karana which is related to the physical aspects of the environs (environmental linkages).

In club to live able to implement Tri Hita Karana inward Hotels closed to of the next criteria postulate to live considered. since major attractions for tourists to come upwards to Bali is related to Balinese culture, companies/operations which run  their businesses inward Bali lead keep the responsibleness to aspect later the local (Balinese) culture. For example, inward edifice a hotel, syles in addition to concepts of Balinese architecture postulate to live adopted. This includes the adoption of Tri Mandala in addition to Tri Angga concepts. In addition, local (Balinese) damage are recommended to live used for the advert of buildings, restaurants, coming together rooms, halls, little care, in addition to other facilities.

There should live a commmitment from the functioning inward improving the character of the environment. The society needs to live able to railroad train an environmental management system, so, environmental management inward the hotel existence able to abided to the laws, customs or inward delineate amongst the local (Balinese) values. The companies' commitment is spelled out inward its activeness plans in addition to implemented through its programmes, inside equally good asoutside the hotel.

The society should salvage energy, boundary the purpose of natural resources (such equally province in addition to water), in addition to it is expected to live able to handled sewage, garbage equally good equally toxic waste. Tjis includes the capability inward reusing, reducing in addition to recycling bottles, cans in addition to plastic bags, equally good equally composting the organic, 'green', garbage.

The hotel manages the environment, monitors the character in addition to makes an evaluation wherever appropriate, past times which the condition of the hotel (whether apolutant or friend to the environment) tin live justified. The hotel management may hence lead keep measures if something needs to live done inward club to live able to mitigate the negative impacts. Thus continual improvement tin live expected on in addition to on through consultation amongst Tri Hita Karana consultant.

Other factors which postulate to live considered inward implementing the Tri Hita Karana concept inward hotel is conservation of the ecosystem. This includes efforts existence made to conserve works in addition to fauna, peculiarly those which are protected past times regulations or conventions, either because they are endangered, rare or vulnerable (see IUCN 1990 or Indonesian regulation, PP No. seven / 1999).

Support for conservation programmes tin live made such equally through habitat protection equally good equally through legal in addition to professional person captive breeding programmes. Adopting organic farming or permaculture concepts is likewise recommended equally long equally they are inward delineate amongst the local, Balinese culture.

The society should continue going amongst their efforts to salvage the basis through activeness programmes. It should activelyparticipate inward treatment the environs inward local, national or international levels.


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