Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Sendratari

The mention of Sendratari derived from the words Seni Drama, the fine art of Drama, or Theatre, as well as Tari, important the dance. Actually this type of performing fine art has been known yesteryear the Balinese since the Gambuh Dance was known every bit a danced-drama, a long fourth dimension ago. However, people gave their positive responses when Sendratari was announced for the get-go fourth dimension inwards the 60’s yesteryear the students of the Conservatory of Instrumental Arts as well as Dance (KOKAR), Denpasar, yesteryear enacting the famous episode of Ramayana story.

Unlike the other danced-dramas, amongst their strict rules of costuming, Sendrataris seems to laissez passer on a wider run a jeopardy for the dancer to wearable varied dresses, fifty-fifty the adapted western ballet’ costumes. It has an unlimited set out of dancers, unlimited variation of stories, as well as unlimited sympony arrangements for the gong orchestra every bit well. The dances were developed from the elements of Wayang Wong, amongst large additional variations. Some functioning uses the Dalang even out teller, but really oft he is neclected.


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