Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Legong Kraton

As it was the custom inwards the one-time days, every palace inwards Bali had ever maintained a Logong squad to dace anytime they are needed. Usually the dancers are ordinary mutual girls from the villages, taught inwards the courtroom past times the dance-teachers who were one-time Legongs. They are chose to learn Legong sec for their beauty when they were children. It is called Legong Kraton, the Palace's Legong, for they were living as well as performing the trip the low-cal fantastic toe alone inwards the courtroom or palace (Kraton).

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 squad of Legong consist of 3 girls, 1 to adjust the business office of the woman somebody attendant of the court, the Condong, as well as the other 2 to play the business office of the imperial somebody Legongs. The most familiar even out is nearly a manful somebody monarch from Lasem, which has a closed link amongst the history of East Javanese kings during the twelfth as well as 13th century.

Legong was distilled from the Gambuh dance, but amongst about to a greater extent than hard as well as faster variations. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 practiced dancer does non ever way a practiced Legong. The functioning itself is really tiring. Three dancers bring to play all figures of the even out without changing their costumes.


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