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Rwa Bhineda if we interpret every word, rwa means two as well as bhineda way different meaning, so rwa bhineda means two different things which aims to maintain the balance of the universe. As an example if there is a good thing, of course of education there is also a bad thing. Similarly, if there is night, will be balanced by the day, and if there is right, will be balanced by the presence of the left. This balance is very necessary and is believed to be the purpose of life, reaching the indicate of balance is Zero point is not empty, but full of the contents Zero. With the attainment of the point, is believed to achieve lasting happiness, where atman will merge with God.

Rwa Bhineda volition non utilization differences every bit an excuse to exhibit hostility or egoism. Differences are beautiful as well as must live balanced inward lodge to exercise harmony for human life as well as for the universe. By keeping a residual betwixt expert as well as evil nosotros tin exercise prosperity inward life. Broadly speaking, God created dark every bit good every bit creating it's reverse of white. Just every bit expert as well as evil, north-south, long-short, high-low as well as then on were created. Rwa Bhineda is a concept that exhibit as well as encompass the necessitate for differences inward the the world to exercise harmony as well as residual inward the universe.

Balance of life is a concept that is fundamental. All that exists, both inward the the world of micro cosmos every bit good every bit inward the the world of macro cosmos are based on this concept. Similarly the visible the world (sekala) or invisible the world (niskala) does non escape next this concept of nature.

As its application inward everyday life, if inward this life nosotros sense happiness or pleasure, it is non advisable to cocky as well as excessive proud, because these experiences are alone temporary. At i indicate deep grief may catch us then let's non larn deeply depressed every bit it volition eventually live paid off as well as balanced out inward the end. Happiness inward about other cast mightiness come upward i day.

We necessitate to e'er strive to sympathize that inward this the world nosotros volition e'er abide by expert as well as bad, no thing where nosotros go, alongside varying levels or perchance extremes. We tin besides abide by expert as well as bad inward everyone. What matters is the efforts nosotros brand to e'er exercise expert for the sake of balance, well-being as well as happiness for all of us.

Balinese people always say “regardless of the value of happiness is sadness that will live felt, as well as vice versa”. So the mirror from Rwa Bhineda Philosophy, Balinese people can reply to problems more wisely.


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