Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Rejang

Rejang is a ritual volume dance, performed past times rows of girls inwards their best dress. Their steps in addition to movements are real polish in addition to slow, symbolic of their give upwards to the God. Their arms rising virtually never higher than the hip spell the bodies displace passively but sum of devoutness.

The famous Rejang Dance is shown inwards the village of Tenganan, on the Usaba 24-hour interval of the commencement month, Kasa, according to the lunar calendar. The single girls in addition to boys of that village, considered yet untouched past times the magical impurity suppose to come upwards from sexual intercourse, trip the low-cal fantastic the Rejang (for girls) in addition to Abuang (for boys) accompanied past times the metalophones orchestra Gamelan Selonding which is alone flora inwards this village. This exceptional ceremony, which is alone held in ane lawsuit a year, is peachy conduct a opportunity for the boys to notice in addition to select their fiancĂ©es. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 boy, who is attracted past times ane of the girls, my walk upwards to the girls in addition to cause got his house inwards the dance. If the daughter is interested she may answer past times next theboy to his boyfriends’ seats.


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