Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Kertagosa

Kertagosa was built inwards the 17th century, when Bali was ruled past times the dynasty of King Kresna Kepakisan. Kertagosa itself is the cite of building, 1 of the buildings inwards alage surface area merely about the manly someone monarch of Klungkung’s palce. The palace itself, Puri Semarapura, was destroyed during the nation of war betwixt the Dutch together with the Kingdoms inwards Bali, at the showtime of the 20th century.

Separated from the Puri (Palace) lies a complex of judge buildings they are the Hall of Justice “Kertagosa”, the Floating Hall “Bale Kambang”, together with the H2O puddle surrounding, which all are called “Taman Gili”. The ceilings of these buildings are covered past times paintings on fibrous cement  sheets. The master copy paintings were done amongst traditional Balinese colors on canvas, together with hence missive of the alphabet replaced a novel inwards 1930 past times using the fibrous cement sheets, together with over again were renewed inwards 1960. the paintings are the sample of early on traditional arts earlier existence influenced past times outlandish styles together with techniques.


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