Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Cupak In Addition To Grantang

There was a widow who lived inwards a modest hamlet alongside her 2 sons. I Cupak, the older son, convey an ugly face, he also greedy, impolite, lazy, idiotic, in addition to cowardly. His younger brother, I Grantang, is a handsome boy, polite, good-hearted, clever, in addition to deligent. It is said that both of them are the sons of the God Brahma, hence they convey real potent magic powers. One day, because Cupak was real deadening in addition to annoyed his mother, he was ordered to become away in addition to non to come upwards dorsum home. Grantang who felt similar beingness a loyal blood brother secretly followed his elderberry brother. Finally both of them arrived inwards a province which was inwards the confusion due to the wickedness of a giant. The supernaturally powered Grantang wanted to assist the people. He went to a real deep well, where the giant hides hilself, followed past times his elderberry brother. But the coward Cupak exclusively helped him past times belongings a long rope to become downward into the well.and before long afterward Grantang reached the bottom of the good Cupak took the rope. Instead of helping his younger blood brother to kill the giant Cupak for sure called on the King inwards gild to recover the rewards.

Grantang who succeeded inwards defeating the giant used the bones of his enemy to climb upwards the surface. But how disappointed he was when works life or in addition to so other turmoil caused past times his elderberry brother.


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