Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Joged

In its old version Joged trip the lite fantastic wasaccompanied yesteryear women's bamboo music, which consisted of several sizes of large of bamboo tu es, from ane meter to most ii meters long, pounded vertically to attain varied tones inward a for certain composition. Then the Joged became to a greater extent than pop amongst its longer name, Joged Bumbung, The Bamboo Tubes Dance.

These days Joged Bumbung is no longer danced yesteryear several girls instantly but solely ane daughter encircled yesteryear the populace which are by as well as large boys. She has a fan inward mitt to touching ane of the boys. The ane who is touched should come upward into circle to trip the lite fantastic amongst the Joged for to a greater extent than or less moments. The dancing elements of Joged derived from the solo Legong; quick, rapid, perfect, but intimate as well as smooth. The dancer wears the long sleeved Kebaya, brilliant fabric Kain Songket, as well as frangipani caput dress.

Nowdays Joged Bumbung is accompanied yesteryear Angklung music, chained bamboo tubes of diverse sizes struck yesteryear a twosome of sticks to play the melody, consummate amongst several bamboo flutes, cymbals, as well as a gong.


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