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Land Scape & Seascape
If inward other countries landscape & seascape are luxurious things together with expensive, on the country, they are mutual things inward Bali. The beauty of the Earth is the exercise of this life, together with then it is natural that people should protect it without whatever feeling that protecting is a must for them. Even though the technological evolution together with the demand of modern technological implements forcefulness to a greater extent than or less changing inward its progress, it volition larn every bit zip if nosotros compare it amongst the other parts of the isle which are allowed to hold upwardly virgin forever. The beauties of the Earth be anywhere; inserted betwixt the really tiring tours, or peeping betwixt the split upwardly setting sun’s smiles.

The Climate
The climate is fairly pleasant, amongst alone ii seasons a year, the dry out flavor from March to September together with the rainy flavor from September to March. However, really frequently the pelting becomes too friendly amongst the people together with it drib whatever fourth dimension it pleases fifty-fifty during the dry out season. The heaven is cloudy together with the air is humid, the sunshine ever illuminating it during the years. Temperature ranges from an average minimum of 25oC to an average maximum of 33oC, except at the loma sides (of course!) where the temperature could sometimes drib to an average of 18oC or fifty-fifty lower.

The Flora
Rice is the main production of the fields too tropical vegetables, maize, peanut, together with beans – specially Soya-beans. The plantations mainly create java for local consumption together with export, oranges which are also for local consumption together with export, coconuts, bamboo, together with inside the final year’s people cultivate clove, tobacco, together with Jambu Mete (Anacardiun Ocidentale).

Local timbers are non of expert character for building, the Jati (Teakwood) on this isle are non too good. Wood for Bali is supplied from Borneo together with Java, specially during the final years, every bit the local timbers larn shorter together with shorter.

The best woods for sculpture are ebony (black or black-brown), sabo or sawo (Manilkara kauki, brownish together with heavy), bentawas or mentaos (White together with heavy), nangka (jackfruit-wood, yellowish together with brown, heavy) waru (Hibiscus, white, light, used alone for painted carvings), randu (Kapok-wood balsa, white, light, used alone for painted carvings), pangkal buaya (crocodile-skinned wood, white, heavy), kepelan (green brown, light, used alone panels together with frames), together with pule (white, light, used alone to brand masks).

Besides the sure enough fruits which are alone available during their seasons similar mango (August to November), lychee (July to September), Watermelon (January to May), mangos teen (January to May), Durian (December to April), the hair-ringed fruits /Rambutan (January to May), together with several others, at that spot are diverse form of fruits which are available anytime together with anywhere. All the yr people sell bananas, papayas, oranges, pal melons, pineapples, belimbings (Averrhoa Bilimbi), jackfruit, salaks (snake-skinned fruits), together with many others.

Tropical vegetables for local consumption are supplied past times the local farmers. Sub tropical vegetables are cultivated on the hillsides, but the variations are non to a greater extent than than cabbage, cauliflowers, beans, peas, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, together with carrots.

Flowers are planted to exercise inward the many offerings the women create everyday. There is no intensive blossom production, but farmer’s works life sub-tropical flowers together with orchids on the hillsides to provide the cities, specially Denpasar together with its surrounding tourist resorts. The famouse flowers are bunga pucuk or kembang sepatu (Hibiscus rosasinensis), jepun or kamboja (frangipani), kenanga or sandat (Canangium odoratum), cempaka (Michelia champaca), melati (Jasmin), together with mawar (Rose). Banyan tree is alone planted on the temple yards or holy places.   

The Fauna
Various birds wing everywhere. Some of them are expert singers but the others, specially the pocket-size ones together with chirp anytime, are expert rice-eaters which are hated past times farmers. Reptiles are works life anywhere. One tin post away ever discovery the harmless garden lizards, iguanas, cicaks, toke (gecko) – ii form of pocket-size wall-lizards which are ever works life hunting for mosquitoes on the trouble solid walls – or sometimes an ular sawah (rice-field snake), a form of black-brown pocket-size sake, which is harmless too. One tin post away ever discovery the exceptionally beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, grasshoppers, together with many other insects.

Turtles are hunted for their meat, an of import exercise of offerings for a sure enough ceremony; Pigs are raised past times the Balinese house-wives spell the Balinese hubby keeps the colorful domestic cocks for fighting. Farmers breed their cattle non alone for the beef but also to exercise for move inward the rice fields. There is no ranch inward Bali, but since long fourth dimension agone this isle is active exporter for Hong Kong together with Singapore.

Buffalo are works life alone inward the western parts of the island. Very frequently i finds a grouping of wild deer on the westward coast, swimming across the narrow straits to or from the reservation of Blambangan peninsula inward East Java. In the westward exercise of Bali at that spot Bali Starling Conservative to protect the Bali Starling (Jalak Bali) that virtually totally disappeared.


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