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Human life is inseparable from problems arising out of interaction alongside swain beings together with natural environment. The want for harmonious lifw hence forms thw basic role to attain perfection, achievable solely through cooperative alongside other human being.
The ask to cooperate springs from uncertainty, limitations together with rarity of resources available inside human reach, hence forcing human beings to constitute social unity. Man tends to maintain, bring upward together with prepare his human relationship alongside others through social unity inward a ceratain inward a certainly place, in that location yesteryear forming a community grouping - both vastab and  lemited  forming a fellowship grouping - both vas together with limited inward scale.
The community grouping vast inward scale is united through a nation patch the limited ane through villages, or neighborhood. Traditional villages inward Bali stand upward for a social unity that is outflow to the same territory together with house for praying, kahyangan tiga.
Balinese traditional villages every bit a community grouping comprises the elements such every bit parhyangan that denotes spiritual, religious environment; pawongan individuals together with human resources; together with palemahan the physical form. Parhyangan chemical factor is termed Kahyangan Tiga inward Balinese together with represented yesteryear 3 territorial temples.
The application of Tri Hita Karana inward the evolution of enviromental insight is highly dictated yesteryear the mangement of Pawongan elements to usage natural together with enviromental resources. Man every bit both the dependent together with object is the well-nigh capable agent to generate change.
Often the changes are questioned every bit to their compatibiliy alongside enviromental sustainability or mere excessive exploitations of natural resources. Certainly, human being inward this instance plays a decisive role inward whatever evolution activity.
The 3 aspects of Tri Hita Karana are inseparably linked to ane about other when applied. However, inward existent practice, Pawongan facial expression direct determines the harmony of human relationships inward a certainly territory. This is because Hinduism defines the terminate objective of bodily life every bit Jagathita, that is to realize Dharma (virtue), Artha (material achievement), Kama (pleasure), Moksha (balance/harmony) inward daily life. Jagathita is together with then the ideal to accomplish together with nurture, together with this is pawongan.
Life is an endless journeying thronged alongside problems. Transmart life, human being is dependent to problems together with hardships. Application of Tri Hita Karana to accomplish harmonious life consequently has to motion along alongside rules.
One of the rules, itself the heart of hindu teaching, is called Tri Kaya parisudha (three agents of virtue): Manacika (thought), Wacika (speech) together with Kayika (demeanor).
Sarasamuscaya text (aphorism/line 157) mentions: "never do anything liable to campaign the conk of a living creature, through Tri Kaya: deed, speech communication together with thought. What to pursue throught Tri Kaya is gift or charity. This is meant yesteryear sila (noble deed) every bit the sage advises".
Thus, Tri Hita Karana is the guideline for decent demeanor, never other. Decent behaviour implies what to do together with non to do.

Thought is the decisive chemical factor together with stimulus of human behaviour. Harmony could hold upward realized if human being involved inward interaction displays the might to prepare rationality, maiden together with inventiveness to practise excogitation yesteryear abandoning the habit to re-create anything that gone out of date.

Ability to communicate is besides needed, every bit expert communication might volition atomic number 82 to successful application of Pawongan aspect, to to a greater extent than associations together with friends. Technical science to possess got something complements the aforementioned ask to accomplish harmonious man-to-man relationship.

Man every bit evolution operator is the terminal target together with decisive factor of Tri Hita Karana  application inward all aspects of life. Improvement or harm inward life is dictated yesteryear human behavior. Therefore, inward environmental administration together with sustainable development, human being constitutes the vital force.

This way that whatever inward residual inward the surroundings volition stake human being against the Custodian of the universe: Brahma the God (the creator) together with Wisnu (the caretaker) who are reponsible for continuity of life inward the Universe. Man must together with then hold upward prepared for elimination yesteryear the might of Siwa the God (the eliminator).

The eforementioned guidance clearly implies that everything inward the Universe is composed of Panca Mahabutha (five essential elements) that pervades everywhere. The elements are (1) akasa (formless, colorless together with abstract); (2) bayu (air everywhere perceilable); (3) teja (light that accounts for brightness); (4) apah (water/ or anything liquid together with flowing inward nature); (5) pertiwi (land or anything corporation together with breakable).

Other concepts direct related to inward environmental administration are reflected inward tat twam asi pedagogy (consciousness that all living creatures stand upward for undivided unity), karma phala (cause together with number law), tri guna (three characters/behavior), satwa (wisdom, honesty together with fidelity), rajas (lust, greed), tamas (sloth) together with catur purusartha (dharma, artha, kama, moksah).

Within a ritual context, panca yadnya (five kinds of offerings/holy sacrifice) is the heart of Hindu belief inward the might of God together with the Nature. Holy sacrifice conducted alongside truthful sincerity represents the honour paid to the eternal bicycle of birth, life together with death.

The rituals organized on the appointment termed tumpek (once every half dozen months on Sabbatum kliwon) are dedicated to floral together with fauna world, Tumpek Wariga together with Tumpek Uye/Tumpek Kandang respectively. The rituals announce the honour for intactness together with continuity of God's living creature, hence trace of piece of job concern for environmental preservation.

To accomplish the destination of life (term Janathita) requires a mission to prepare human being inward religion, humanity, unity, democrazy, justice, welfare,progress, independence, goodness together with cleanliness (Visi Republic of Indonesia 2020).

The mission matches the basic principles of Pawongan aspect, i.e. to prepare human being intelligence, republic together with accountability. In this case, a number of basic principles are to hold upward respected. They are:
  1. The regulation to appreciate maiden together with creativity. this regulation is compatible alongside the pedagogy inward Sarasamuscaya (aphorism 82) together with Manawadharmasastra (XII, 4) expressing the success reached yesteryear a human being who is able to accept maiden together with to prepare inventiveness to do innovation.
  2. The regulation of difficult work. This regulation stresses perseverance together with discipline. Hindu holy text, Bhagawadgitta says that without toil it is impossible to accomplish salvation together with perfection. Only people alongside diligence, sincerity together with indefatigably are hold upward successful inward life. God solely loves the hard-worker together with never helps the slothful. 
  3. The regulation to value time. The Hindu thought related to this betoken is expressed inward Sarasamuscaya text. The text says that the manifestation every bit a human beingness spans solely a brusque catamenia of time. Life should hence hold upward spent alongside virtue. Do non allow fourth dimension transcend without whatever do goodness to life together with do non hesitate to do whatever virtuous deed (dharma).
  4. The regulation of cooperation. Yayur Weda together with Reg Weda holy books refer that human being has to assist others inward problem or hardship. god volition e'er grant His Blessing together with vantage those taking pains to keep harmony betwixt men. This aphorism advise the concrete instance of the of regulation cooperation inward life every bit the manifestation of Tri Hita Karana application.
  5. The regulation of honesty together with fidelity Harmonious man-to-man relationships based on the regulation of honesty together with fidelity is respected. Sarasamuscaya text holds that self-control alongside honesty together with faithfulness to promises. if this is good practiced, to a greater extent than associations together with friends volition come. So volition community credit together with hence to a greater extent than opportunities to accomplish Jagadhita.
To accomplish harmonious man-to-man relationships every bit the essence of Tri Hita Karana application inward life, it is necessary to constantly exercise the basic regulation of life. These principles tin hold upward best summarized alongside only ane word: satyam or fidelity together with honesty.

Tus, satyam represents the underlying regulation of life together with plays a pregnant role inward achieving happiness (Jagathita). Application of Tri Hita karana inward life implies the evolution of constant honest together with faith fulness (pawongan aspect). 


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