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Galungan is a Balinese vacation celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the fourth dimension when the ancestral spirits catch the Earth. The concluding twenty-four hr stream of the celebration is Kuningan, when they return. The engagement is calculated according to the 210-day Balinese calendar. Galungan begins on the Midweek (Buda) of Dunggulan, the 11th calendar week of the 210-day pawukon calendar.

The twenty-four hr stream earlier Galungan, men of the hamlet caput out at dawn inwards search of an unsuspecting grunter which is to operate the temple sacrifice. The meat is used to brand traditional spicy “lawar” dishes containing satay, jackfruit, dozens of herbs together with spices together with ever plenty to feed a little army. 

The most obvious sign of the celebrations are the penjor - bamboo poles weighed downwardly yesteryear offerings suspended at the end. These tin hold upward seen yesteryear the side of roads. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 issue of days to a greater extent than or less the Kuningan twenty-four hr stream itself convey particular names, alongside detail activities existence organized

Balinese people commemorate Galungan, the victory twenty-four hr stream of goodness (dharma) against evil (adharma). The history of Galungan refers to the legend of Mayadenawa. It is said that 1 time upon a time, at that spot was a powerful king, Mayadenawa, who reigned inwards Balingkang, nigh a few kilometers N of Batur Lake, Kintamani, Bangli. He also ruled such areas every bit Makasar, Sumbawa, Bugis, Lombok, together with Blambangan.

Mayadenawa was a descendant of daitya (powerful giant), boy of Goddess Danu. Because of his magical power, Mayadenawa was able to transform himself into diverse shapes of creatures. 

Because of his supernatural power, Mayadenawa became arrogantly evil. He forbad Balinese people to worship God together with destroyed all the shrines together with temples. The plants were destroyed. Food shortages together with diseases occurred. People were suffered but they did non convey the courage to struggle against Mayadenawa because of his magical power. 

Mpu Kulputih, a powerful Hindu priest, was concerned upon the suffering. He thus meditated at Besakih Temple to enquire for God’s guidance. In his meditation, he received revelation from God Mahadewa that he should operate to Jambu Dwipa (India) together with enquire for help. 

It was non clear nigh who went to India, but afterward it was said that a platoon of troop from sky alongside consummate weapons came to laid on Mayadenawa. The troop was led yesteryear God Indra. The correct fly of the platoon was led yesteryear Citrasena together with Citraganda. The left fly was led yesteryear Jayantaka piece Gandarwa led the principal platoon. 

God Indra sent Bhagawan Narada to spy Mayadenawa Kingdom, but Mayadenawa has flora out nigh this. Therefore, he prepared his troop to aspect upward the attack. 

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 dreadful state of war broke upward that caused many victims from both sides. Since God Indra’s troop was much stronger, Mayadenawa's troops ran off together with left Mayadenawa together with his assistant, Si Kala Wong. 

The battle had to hold upward stopped, because the nighttime has come. When God Indra’s troop were even thus asleep, Mayadenawa came together with created ‘tirtha cetik’ (poisonous water) nearby. He thus ran away yesteryear walking his angled feet sideways inwards gild non to operate out whatever footprints on the ground. The surface area passed yesteryear Mayadenawa is afterward known every bit ‘Tampaksiring’ which literally way angled footsteps.

The toxic H2O poisoned God Indra’s troop. God Indra thus created some other trammel to cure his troop, called Tirta Empul (spring). The holy trammel flew to shape a river which is called Tukad Pakerisan (Pakerisan River). God Indra’s troop thus chased Mayadenawa who transformed himself into several creatures. The surface area where Mayadenawa transformed into ‘manuk raya’ (big bird) is called Manukaya village. The surface area where he turned into ‘buah timbul’ (a form of vegetable) is afterward known every bit Timbul village. The house where he transformed into ‘busung’ (young kokosnoot leaf) is called Busung hamlet piece a house where he turned into a goddess (dewata) is known every bit Kedewatan village.

Lastly, Mayadenawa transformed himself into a huge rock. God Indra shot him to dead alongside an arrow. His blood flew together with formed a river called Tukad Petanu (Petanu River). It is believed that the river was cursed. If it was used to H2O the rice field, blood would come upward out of the paddies together with the paddies would smell. This curse volition concluding inwards chiliad years.

The expiry of Mayadenawa was afterward celebrated every bit the victory of goodness (dharma) against evil (adharma). This triumph twenty-four hr stream is commemorated every half dozen months (210 days) of Balinese almanac together with is called Galungan. It is called Galungan, perhaps because it is occurred on wuku Galungan (based on Balinese almanac).


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