Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Museum Gedong Kirtya

The reckon come upward from 2 Dutchmen, F.S. Leifrinck too Doctor H.N. Van der Tuuk, at collect too identify the Lontar mass (palm leafage book). Then a someone establishment named "Kirtya Liefrinck-Van der Tuuk" was found inwards 1928, alongside its master copy duty collecting too studying Lontars from all over Bali too Lombok islands. Then this library is nether the administration of the Indonesian Government, inwards this illustration Education too Culture. The cite was changed several years agone into a clearer name: Perpustakaan Lontar Gedong Kirtya, the Gedong Kirtya Lontar Library, too nowaday the library condition changed popular off a museum (Museum Gedong Kirtya). The collection was increased yesteryear a large pose out of Lontars too ordinary mass of Balinese literature, including simply about prasastis, the written metal-plate documents of the earliest Pejeng Dynasty (9th century).


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