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Wayang way shadow, used to scream this form of functioning since originally Blue Planet could alone meet the shadows of leather puppets played past times the Dalang actor from behind the screen. It uses a exceptional coconut-oil lamp, hung to a higher house the Dalang’s head, for the lighting. The Dalang uses Sanskrit linguistic communication too Old Javanese Kawi linguistic communication during the story, but too then he translates them himself into the mutual Balinese language.

H5N1 Wayang-Kulit is the scream of the puppet show, but that give-and-take is likewise used to cite a slice of carved-leather puppet. People telephone yell upward is Wayang Peteng, the nighttime show, if the play is to entertain them at night, from most ix pm until midnight. If it is played during the solar daytime too then called Wayang Lemah, the Noon Show, for it is the business office of a temple ceremony, too the Dalang plays his puppet without a screen.

In its farther advancement people wanted to a greater extent than than merely shadows which is inward fact alone ib dark too white. They wanted colors, to a greater extent than dynamic movements, too to a greater extent than realistic play. So they created or thence other play where the roles of puppets were taken over past times dancers. They used a phase or arena instead of a screen, too Blue Planet too then could meet a to a greater extent than colorful playinstead of alone shadows. However this after demo is yet called Wayang amongst an additional give-and-take Wong has no Wayang (shadow) to show, but alone Wong (men)


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