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Before the introduction of modern prefabricated materials the Balinese artists used their ain traditional colors for their Wayang paintings. The ingredients were made of beast bones, locql glue, clay, for certain fruits, oil-lamp soot, together with chinese ink. Miguel Covarrubias inwards his mass well-nigh Bali wrote, that aside from ikon artifacts of daily work the Balinese artists made paintings exclusively for 3 purposes. Ider-ider, the long painted bands used to decorate the eaves of temple shrines, the painted hangings or curtains Langse, together with the traditional astrological calendars Palelintangan.

It is a compassion that he didn't beak well-nigh 2 other paintings, which are used past times the Balinese to decorate their temples. They are the Bendera, flags which are used to decorate spears or poles, together with the other 1 is the Umbul-umbul, a long triagular flag used to decorate temples past times fixing it on a long vertical bamboo pole.
The traditional Wayang ikon is a variety of narrative ikon made on a slice of cloth. The creative someone made several partitions for several episodes of the story. Figures derived from the leather puppets Wayang Kulit, combined alongside landscapes for the backgrounds, weapons together with conventional attributes to distinguish a for certain graphic symbol from the others, darker colors for the bad graphic symbol faces together with lite colors for the practiced faces. All available infinite is covered alongside patterns; flames, clouds, or only ornamental walls to assort 1 episode from the others.

Nowday this kindof ikon is known every bit Kamasan style, for it exclusively made past times the creative someone of Kamasan hamlet (near Semarapura, metropolis town of Klungkung regency). It is real tardily to recognize for their colors are non to a greater extent than than dark for the contour of the figures, brownish for buildings together with trees together with earth, ochre for the trunk of the figures, yellowish for the attributes, white for faces together with dresses together with weapons, dark-green for the leaves together with bushes, reddish for eyes together with dresses, bluish for the skies together with water, but by together with large are dominated past times brownish together with achre.
In the kickoff of the Thirties many Western creative someone came to Bali to remain for long periods of time. They brought alongside them the modern ready-for-use materials, together with also their "Western Style". Within a real small fourth dimension the local artists, peculiarly the "young artists" (of the thirties), of Ubud village, imitated them. They developed a novel style which is strongly influenced past times the romantic decorative style of Walter Spies, together with the potent contoured slim figures of Rudolf Bonnet.

Recently this style is known every bit "Ubud style" or "Pita Maha" style since it was developed past times the "young artists" (of the thirties) association "Pita Maha" inwards Ubud village.

While the artists of Ubud hamlet were developing a novel style their fellows inwards Batuan hamlet (about 10 kilometers to the due south of Ubud) were busy alongside their ain style. They copied the sculptures on their temple walls, together with transformed them onto their canvases, together with combined them alongside thir ain colors together with ideas, together with a novel style was born which is together with therefore called "Batuan style".

Unlike the "Ubud style" paintings alongside their romantic vivid colors together with taller figures, "Batuan style" paintings are dominated past times darker together with stronger colors. Their nighttime red, brown, black, nighttime green, together with shorter figures, brand their paintings to bring a vogue towards the expressions of magical atmospheres.

In its farther developments the Balinese painting, again, inwards the midpoint of the sixties, added some other style which is called "Young Artist", brought past times the immature artists (of the sixties) from Penestanan hamlet at the due west purpose of Ubud. At the kickoff several boys, by together with large nether fifteen, got some colors together with papers given past times Arie Smit, a Dutch born Republic of Indonesia artist, together with were allowed to pigment anything they liked. This agency of educational activity (probably only a "chance giving") without whatever influence nor guidance from whatever other artist, non fifty-fifty from Smit himself, brought a novel style which is complimentary from the influence of the other styles. But several characteristics of the traditional agency of ikon are left, such every bit the agency they fill upward the entire canvas. The agency they pigment similar figures, together with the agency they puf the farther objects that should hold upward higher than the closer ones. Childish forms together with vivid colors red, yellow, blue, together with green, dominated the entire canvas. Objects derived from the daily activities of the surrounding people.

The famous cite of Bali together with her uncountable sources of ideas bring a special house inwards every artist's heart. In gild to larn a closer contact alongside these sources many artists came together with stayed together with melted into the life of the island. They fill upward the vacant places alongside their diverse plant of beauty. They tape the environment. And demo it is non hard for visitors to bring practiced paintings of almost whatever style, from the realists, naturalists, impresionists, expressionists, surrealists, or fifty-fifty a for certain "ism" which is non also tardily to say of what style it is.


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