Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Rajapala

Rajapala is a boy. One solar daytime he goes to the wood lonely hunting for birds accompanied yesteryear his blow-pipe. In the wood he finds 7 nymphs bathing inwards a lake. H5N1 precipitous sentiment comes into his mind. He steals i of the nymph’s magical dresses. When they desire to wing dorsum to the sky i of the nymphs could non follow her friends for she had lost her magical dress. At the correct moment, when the nymph is inwards sorrow, Rajapala exhibit himself to offering his help but exclusively if that nymph wants to larn his wife. In her sadness the nymph, Ken Sulasih, has no other alternative but to convey that  offer. And Rajapala takes Sulasih home.

H5N1 few years later their marriage, when they already get got a boy they named Durma, Ken Sulasih detect her magic clothes hidden nether the stacks of paddies inwards the rice-barn. She takes it to wing dorsum to the heaven, leaving her hubby as well as her boy to remain on the earth.


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