Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Tenganan

H5N1 legend tells the storey of manlike individual monarch Bedahulu who lost his favorite Equus caballus i day, too establish it dead somewhere else. The people of Tenganan who were next him that search thence asked the manlike individual monarch to vantage them the patch equally far equally the aroma of the dead Equus caballus covered.

But the further they walked the to a greater extent than the aroma accompanied them, too it alone ended later a few days when their leader pulled out a large slice of rotten flesh from nether his dress.

Tenganan is i of the Bali Aga villages inward Bali, the hamlet of master Balinese, alongside its ain customs too traditions differing from other parts. This house is known equally the alone house where people brand the famous Kamben Gringsing, a particular tied-dyed woven textile using traditional colors. Sometimes its complicated procedure takes equally long equally 5 years for a piece.

The unique ceremonies inward this hamlet to a greater extent than frequently than non happen i a year. One of them is the famous Rejang trip the lite fantastic alongside the Gamelan Selonding accompaniment (Selonding: a sort of percussion music which is alone establish inward this village), too the Perang Pandan attraction or Mekare – kare, a ceremony inward which the men take away maintain to struggle alongside thorned pandanus palm leaves for weapons. The medical assist for the wounded dancers is the responsibleness of the magicians who will, inward this ceremony, demo their magic powers.


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