Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Genggong

Genggong is the cite of a variety of misical instrument, 1 of the oldest music instruments inwards Bali, or maybe inwards the world. Many books depict that this variety of musical instrument constitute inwards many parts of the world, inwards many versions as well as shapes.

Balinese Genggong is made of the peel of palm-leaf stalk (Arenga Saccharifera), nearly ten to xx cm long, ii or three wide, ii to v mm thick. Its middle role is real sparse to let it vibrate when blown. The orchestra is played past times a squad of xxx to 100 players, each someone has 1 Genggong to blow past times mouth, alongside several bamboo flutes to play the tune acre the bass is produced past times an musical instrument called Guntang.

Very ofttimes a Genggong play has approximately dancing too. Usually it is simply improvisations, derived from the activeness of animals similar the butterfly dance. Tiger dance, Monkey dace, or fifty-fifty simply a "no name" trip the lite fantastic performed past times 1 of audience.


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