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H5N1 human named Basur, a magician, has boy named Tigaran, who has gear upward his nub on getting Sukasti, the missy of Nyoman Karang. Unfortunately that missy was promised to her cousin Tirta, a student. Tirta himself wanted to teach a magician together with attention mankind rather than to teach a mutual soul who may lead maintain wife. It is difficult for Tirta’s virile soul bring upward to persuade his boy to marry, but thence he overcomes Tirta amongst 2 magic syllables which were beyond his son. Then Tirta consents to get married Sukasti.

On the other side Basur tries inwards vain to stir-up his crazy boy Tigaran to cope Tirta, thence he kidnaps Sukasti himself 1 nighttime when Tirta was away hunting. The crazy man child Tigaran is close to lead maintain Sukasti yesteryear forcefulness to brand honey when Tirta supply together with fights him to recover his wife. Basur, yesteryear his ain magic powers, transforms himself inwards to the shape of a plane together with carries affliction to Sukasti who thence falls dangerously ill, together with at final is at the betoken of death. The showtime witch-doctor called was defeated yesteryear Basur’s magic powers, but the mo succeeds inwards defeating Basur together with thence heals Sukasti.

People believe that it is non slow to perform the Basur storey for the dancers should last protected yesteryear real rigid magician; otherwise the dancer who adapts the business office of Sukasti could actually last killed yesteryear “outsider’s” magic powers.  


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