Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: Uluwatu Temple

Unlike the other temples inward Bali which ever facial expression upwardly the South, or the West, or the South-West, the temple of Uluwatu is facing the North-East. That agency it has a unopen link amongst Rudra, the deity who has spot at the South-West indicate of the compass.

This temple was built, most probably, inward 976 AD, when Bali was nether the dominion of Warmadewa together with his family. Since it was hither that a good known priest Dang Hayang Niratha to Moksha, loose from the bicycle of life together with drib dead which inward Balinese linguistic communication is called Ngaluhur, it is called Pura Luhur, the house where the holy priest was Ngaluhur.

Very oft this house is used past times mystics to exercise meditation. The temple is located at the elevation of rocky cliff, close l meters higher upwardly the body of body of water level. Anytime it tin last shaken past times the rigid wavew of the Indian Ocean. In the even the visitor tin run into the Sunset spell relish functioning of Kecak Api (the Fire Kecak dance).


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