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Le Mayeur Museum is a memorial museum mainly housing the artworks as well as personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres (February 9, 1880 – May 31, 1958) – a Brussels-born creative mortal who was impressed past times the shores of Sanur as well as dedicated his entire life at that spot to the ii things he loved the most: the arts as well as women.

Before deciding to pass his life inward Bali, Le Mayeur had already travelled roughly the world. Sacrificing his travels to pursue his beloved of arts, he flora himself enamoured of the exotic smell of frangipani as well as a for sure bare-breasted Legong dancer, his married adult woman as well as muse, Ni Pollok.

After Le Mayeur flora ‘home’ inward the isle as well as Ni Pollok, who shortly became the muse of his paintings as well as the residual of his life, the creative mortal created a attain of artworks inward his impressionistic 'dob' mode of painting. His technique was considered unorthodox, albeit inward a bright way.

Le Mayeur utilized thick as well as rather rigid brushes to exercise abrupt nonetheless fluent caresses, which were later on elaborated on past times Antonio Blanco, some other influential painter inward Bali. Le Mayeur passed away on May 31, 1958. The loving distich left no children but the well-crafted mansion that is the museum today, as well as its legacy was bequeathed to the Indonesian government. The museum exemplifies the priceless heritage of an creative mortal as well as a nation.

The master copy edifice features the old living quarters of the couple, alongside classical Balinese elements, sculpted rock walls as well as cherry terrazzo flooring tiles. Carved woods dominates the furnishings, as well as window sills characteristic motifs inspired past times wayang shadow puppet characters.

There are 5 rooms that serve every bit soundless witnesses to the lives of Le Mayeur as well as Ni Pollok. Visitors may imagine the similar beloved story brought 1 time to a greater extent than to life through inanimate objects, similar to the retro-styled storytelling of the cinema Titanic. Walkthroughs include the artist’s studio, reading room as well as study, as well as the sleeping accommodation likewise every bit Ni Pollok’s vanity corner as well as bathroom.

Museum Le Mayeur is easily found, located correct on the beachfront inward Sanur. The chemical compound features structures inward Balinese architecture that houses good over lxxx artworks categorised into 5 unlike collections based on the mediums that Le Mayeur used, such every bit hardboard, plywood, sail as well as paper. Most of the paintings inward his collection characteristic bare-breasted women, as well as non all were the results of inspiration inward Bali, every bit he had travelled the globe prior to calling the isle his home.

Most of his globe travels included Europe, Africa, India, Italy as well as France. Some of his go characteristic subjects inspired past times his travels he painted during the 1920s. Le Mayeur arrived inward Bali inward 1932 inward his early on 50s. It was supposed to endure utilisation of his travels until he met his muse as well as time to come wife. 

They married after 3 years of their get-go coming together as well as Le Mayeur built the household on the shoreline when Sanur was a mere ease angling village. One of the structures inward the gardens is a coming together pavilion where Le Mayeur used to have his guests as well as potential buyers of his fine art pieces.


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