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"An Amazing Bat Cave Temple inwards Bali"

Goa Lawah Temple is located at Desa Pesinggahan, Kecamatan Dawan, Kabupaten Klungkung. It is around l kilometers or an hours crusade from the uppercase metropolis of Bali, Denpasar.

Goa Lawah Temple which situates just nether a loma too reverse the beach is hence predicted to accept been used equally a worshipping house which has a natural spirits which come upward from loma too body of body of water ability past times Balinese Hinduism since pre Hindu upward to nowadays fourth dimension (Dinas Kebudayaan Propinsi Bali, 2001, p.13). This temple therefore, is at in ane lawsuit a days used equally a holy house for "Nyegara-Gunung" (Sea-Mountain) ceremony equally completetion of "Dewa Yadnya" too "Pitra Yadnya" rituals conducted past times Balinese Hinduism inwards Bali.

"The Piodalan" an anniversary ceremony at Goa Lawah Temple is conducted every vi months Balinese calender or equals to 210 days just on "Anggara Kliwon Medangsia". The temple is fully cared both physically too ritually past times the fellow member of "Desa Pakraman Pesinggahan" which consists of 5 "Banjar Adat" (sub-traditional village) namely Banjar Adat Timbul, Banjar Adat Kanginan, Banjar Adat Kawan, Banjar Adat Kelodan, dan Banjar Adat Bedauh.

Historically, Goa Lawah Temple was built around inwards the 11th century past times "Empu Kuturan"; a Hindu priest coming from East Java during his religious trip to Bali (Soebandi, 1983, p.22). During his trip, he did non exclusively construct temples, but likewise gave religious speeches to local people inwards Bali. He was the offset human being who introduced the concepts of "Khayangan Tiga", "Khayangan Jagat", "Sad Khayangan", too other traditional Balinese architectures such equally Palinggih Meru, Tugu too Gedong which contemporarily practised past times Hindu followers inwards Bali. 

Another Hindu priest which play roles inwards the evolution of Goa Lawah Temple is "Danghyang Nirartha". he is the boy of "Empu Kuturan's" younger blood brother cite "Empu Baradah". He travelled from the West of Bali to East through South coast of Bali too so stopped at the Northern role of Kusamba Village where he saw a pocket-size hil amongst a cave below which gave hushed province of affairs too offered overnice panorama of Nusa Penida Island too thousands of bats hanging about the cave.

The high nation which locates reverse the beach is considered to accept a potent spirit; therefore, he did meditation too worshipping inwards such house too named the house equally "Goa Lawah" inwards which Goa agency cave, patch Lawah is Bat (Soebandi, 1983, p.22). He came to Bali during King Dalem Gelgel Sri Waturenggong's leadership betwixt 1411 to 1550. He introduced the concept of Padmasana.

Goa Lawah is ane of Sad Kahyangan temple which is located inwards the South East of Bali island. It is a house where Dewa Maheswara; ane of the Almighty God's manifestations.

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