Bali Tourist Attractions Destinations: E Bali Equus Caballus Drawn Buggy Ride Tour

The Equus caballus drawn buggy tour route are:
Firstly nosotros halt at the largest marketplace seat for bustle commercial sell in addition to purchase inwards the due east of Bali island, thus proceed to attractive rural hamlet into Bali's Earth side inwards the magic hearth of Bali for withness get-go manus the daily life of rural rice farmers, but during the trip you lot tin halt whenever you lot select to accept photos in addition to watch the local people, next 12 kilometers from the small-scale hamlet amongst beautiful rice plain until the largest villages, nosotros tin encounter a Bali amongst amazing civilization including a watch to encounter villagers harvesting rice if harvest flavor (you tin bring together in) the tour guides volition Pb you lot leisurely passing long the tranquillity in addition to surreptitious dorsum roads through the hamlet in addition to varied landscape of Bali. You volition hold out able to encounter special most the hamlet daily life such as: vegetables farming paddy fields, thus our journeying volition larn inwards in Gelgel was i the metropolis of Bali' most powerful Dynasty, the town's spend upward started inwards 1710, in addition to finished when the Dutch bombarded the identify inwards 1908. From here, nosotros become to the famous hamlet where the classical Kamasan icon mode originated, you lot tin encounter their workshops in addition to their studio along the street, the paintings describe traditional stories existent Balinese calendars, the lineament hither is the best, the hamlet hither is too dwelling identify to Gold & Black Smiths, Silver Smith amongst whatsoever blueprint of arts, thus the tour proceed to the Kertagosa, The Hall of Justice in addition to Bale Kambang; the ceiling of the beautiful "floating house" is painted inwards Klungkung Style, again, the defferent rows of paintings bargain amongst diverse subjects the final watch to Museum Semar Jaya; Museum has an interesting collection of archeological, thus campaign yesteryear motorcar to the local eating seat recommended for your Indonesian Buffet Lunch, later dejeuner dorsum to your hotel.

Price Per Person:
Adult   : USD 65.00/Person
Child   : USD 45.00/Person

Pick-up Time at the hotel Area Kuta/Nusa Dua : 08:00 - 08:30 am
Pick-up Time at the hotel Area Ubud/Sanur       : 08:30 - 09:00 am


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