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I previously wrote most the best areas to inwards DKI Jakarta for tourists. You may desire to read this article every bit good to larn a outset introduction to the city's neighborhoods.

I wouldn't tell that in that place isn't i best identify to alive inwards Jakarta, every bit the criteria for each mortal volition move different.

The most of import component when deciding where to remain should move the distance betwixt your domicile as well as your move or, if y'all convey children, betwixt your domicile as well as their school.

This way your choice volition belike move express to a few options, knowing that each kilometer volition cost y'all 10 to a greater extent than minutes sitting inwards traffic every day.

With that inwards mind, hither are 3 of Jakarta's best neighborhoods for expats, inwards no detail order:

It is non an actual district of Jakarta, but the cite given to the expanse close the streets Jalan Kemang Raya as well as Jalan Kemang.

Various factors convey made this neighborhood i of the most pop alongside expatriates inwards Jakarta: Its proximity to famous international schools (NZ, Australia), its hamlet vibe (it is called the Seminyak of Jakarta), a tight as well as active expat community, a large alternative of Western restaurants, a expert nightlife, as well as a bang-up offering of luxury villas as well as condominiums. It is likewise relatively slowly to purchase imported nutrient in that place (for event inwards Kem's Chicks) as well as to detect solid staff that speaks English.

The structure of Kemang Village inwards 2013 has made the neighborhood fifty-fifty to a greater extent than attractive (increase inwards the release of apartments available, to a greater extent than shops as well as restaurant). Some long-term expats volition debate that Kemang has lost its soul but that's some other debate...

Not everything inwards Kemang is ideal, though. The outset occupation of this expanse is that in that place are often traffic jams, as well as especially afterward move (5 PM to 8 PM). If y'all move inwards the Central Business District, it is non rare to demand to a greater extent than than 1 hr to become dorsum home. The province of affairs is fifty-fifty worse on Fri nights.

Also, Kemang has oftentimes been hitting yesteryear floods (the latest on May 2018) as well as this is probable to come about again. If y'all rent a solid there, it tin move a smart thing to inquire your neighbors if it has ever been flooded.

- Great social life with enough of bars, restaurants, expat clubs, etc.
- Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 high density of expats, especially inwards villas as well as inwards apartments similar The Mansion.
- Mostly a low-rise neighborhood
- Rich expanse but with some Indonesian features (street food, hamlet life, etc).
- Moderate prices compared with Menteng, Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, SCBD, Pondok Indah

- Traffic jams are permanent, especially on Fri night
- Poor character of the sidewalk
- Floods come about almost every year

If y'all similar Kemang, y'all may likewise move interested in:

This area, due south of Kemang, has a to a greater extent than local feel. It is a favorite alongside French people, especially some Jalan Cipete Raya, because it is close the Lycée Français (French high school). It is cheaper than Kemang, to a greater extent than laid-back, but y'all likewise convey fewer attractions as well as fewer luxury villas.

This is a large district, due south of Cipete, which is pop with the local middle shape as well as some expat families. It is mostly gear upward clean as well as low-rise, with a typical Indonesian atmosphere. The areas close Jalan TB Simatupang, close Pondok Indah as well as close the DKI Jakarta Intercultural School are expensive, but elsewhere it is relatively affordable. The place is far from the CBD so it is to a greater extent than suitable for those working inwards South Jakarta.

Mega Kuningan
Close to the Central Business District, Mega Kuningan is a planned neighborhood that consists of simply 2 concentric roads, all built with towers (offices, luxury hotels, apartments). It is i of the rare areas inwards DKI Jakarta where y'all tin walk around, thank y'all to relatively well-maintained sidewalks (and thank y'all to the palm trees for the shade). It doesn't expect at all similar the residuum of Jakarta, but rather similar a modern metropolis similar Singapore.

As I wrote before, Mega Kuningan nightlife is especially active, as well as logically this is a bang-up place for unmarried expats or immature couples with no kids. You tin hop betwixt bars/restaurants easily, for event betwixt Loewy, Flow, McGettigan's, Cazbar, Master's as well as Basque. These are ever crowded with expats as well as fantabulous for coming together people.

The expanse lacks a proper luxury shopping center, but y'all tin yet become rather easily to Lotte Avenue or Pacific Place (less than 10 minutes for both). There is likewise the Bellagio Boutique Mall for groceries as well as alcohol.

Living inwards Mega Kuningan way living inwards a condominium. The toll hit varies from midrange (USD800 per calendar month inwards Bellagio) to luxury (USD4,500 per calendar month inwards Oakwood or Ritz-Carlton). Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 website similar tin move helpful to detect an apartment to rent.

Some houses are available a fleck farther away, inwards Kuningan, with ordinarily high prices. Unsurprisingly, most of them are owned yesteryear unusual embassies as well as consulates.

- Modern, relatively clean, proper sidewalks, possibility to walk around
- Many bars, cafés as well as restaurants targeting expats
- Supermarkets with expat products
- Near many embassies as well as offices
- Good offering of luxury condominiums as well as serviced apartments

- The massive traffic jams exterior of Mega Kuningan arrive hard to move inwards or larn out the area.
- No "Indonesian life": It is the same every bit living inwards a gated community. In particular, no street food.
- Mostly expensive prices

If y'all similar Mega Kuningan, y'all may likewise move interested in:

This expanse is real similar to Mega Kuningan, alone slightly to a greater extent than expensive as well as with fewer expatriates. It is likewise bang-up for nightlife. Ideal if your purpose is inwards the due south of Jalan Sudirman or inwards Senayan.

Taman Rasuna/Thamrin Residence/Sudirman Park/Taman Sari Semanggi:
These aeroplane complexes convey a expert place inwards the CBD, but rather affordable prices. They are pop with expats who don't convey a high salary.

This expanse betwixt Jalan Sudirman as well as Jalan Rasuna Said is yet developing. You convey a mix of low-rise, low-income accommodation as well as high-rise, high-income apartments (Setiabudi Sky Garden, Ambassade Residence). It's i of my favorite locations inwards DKI Jakarta every bit it is inwards the pump of the metropolis pump yet it has preserved a for sure authenticity.

Pondok Indah
Again, Pondok Indah is non a district, but a cite used to designate an expanse betwixt Pondok Indah Mall as well as Jalan TB Simatupang. Its primary draws are the Pondok Indah Mall, the Pondok Indah Golf Course, as well as its proximity to the DKI Jakarta Intercultural School campuses.

This is a real wealthy expanse where residents are a mix of foreigners as well as Indonesians ("new money" piece Menteng is "old money"). It used to move called the Beverly Hills of DKI Jakarta and, inwards the 1990s, in that place was fifty-fifty a sitcom called Pondok Indah 1 modeled afterward Beverly Hills 90210.

The whole Pondok Indah has been planned inwards the 70s/80s yesteryear individual investors similar Ciputra. For this reason, in that place is zip authentic most this neighborhood. Living in that place is the closest you'll move from living inwards a gated community inwards Jakarta.

While some may non similar beingness disconnected from normal Indonesian life, others volition bask the quietness. Traffic is by as well as large depression as well as the streets well-maintained. This way y'all tin walk some with your kids or fifty-fifty become for a jog.

The Pondok Indah Mall is the best i around. It includes a cinema, several supermarkets, lots of boutiques, as well as some reputed restaurants. There is a pocket-sized nightlife targeting expatriates every bit well, especially inwards the bar De Hooi.

Houses inwards Pondok Indah tin move ridiculously massive as well as tacky. Overall, most of them volition cost betwixt USD3,000 as well as USD5,000 per calendar month to rent.

- Quiet as well as safe area
- Fairly expert place if y'all convey kids as well as if y'all move inwards South Jakarta
- High-quality neighborhood
- Less pollution
- 50 minutes to the airport
- Many international schools nearby

- Boring neighborhood for unmarried guys, far from the CBD
- Expensive prices
- Not authentic

If y'all similar Pondok Indah, y'all may likewise move interested in:

Kebayoran Baru:
This large district holds various neighborhoods, from the rich Senopati to the middle-class Blok M. Generally speaking, the areas straight due south of Senayan as well as the ones some Dharmawangsa Square are pop alongside the upper class. Many expats, especially Japanese as well as Koreans pick out to alive there. The place is convenient every bit it is unopen to the CBD, from malls, from restaurants, from international schools. It is likewise less polluted as well as the traffic is reasonable. You tin pick out betwixt luxury houses as well as apartments (Pakubuwono View, Pakubuwono Signature, Botanica, etc).

It is i of the richest as well as most livable areas inwards Jakarta, especially close Taman Menteng or Taman Suropati. Many of Indonesia's richest families alive there, especially those involved with politics or regime affairs. Famously, the Soeharto solid unit of measurement has a solid on Jalan Cendana (and therefore, they are referred to every bit the Cendana clan). Most of the accommodation consists of large houses, inwards relatively placidity streets shaded. Swimming pools are non every bit mutual every bit inwards the South. Menteng is a expert neighborhood for older expats who don't convey kids.
Menteng (Cikini) - From Menteng Park Apartments

How most North / West / East Jakarta?
Since in that place aren't many purpose buildings inwards North, West as well as East Jakarta, the expat communities in that place are relatively small.

That said, some areas are worth considering if y'all desire to relieve coin on your accommodation. My 2 favorite are:

Kelapa Gading:
It is an interesting alternative if y'all move inwards the N of the City. This is a planned neighborhood with broad streets as well as enough of various accommodation, from affordable apartments to high-end housing complexes. There are many large malls, restaurants, hospitals as well as schools, including a few international ones. Many of its residents are Indonesian Chinese. The primary outcome is that it is quite far from the CBD, most 45 minutes yesteryear car.

Kebon Jeruk:
In this growing residential area, y'all tin detect some reasonably-priced apartments, for event inwards Royal Garden Mediterania, less than xl minutes away from both the airdrome as well as the Central Business District.
Overview of the All the Neighborhoods Mentioned inwards this Article


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