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If you lot see Djakarta every bit a tourist, you lot are in all likelihood wondering most the best areas to remain inwards the city.

Due to the horrible traffic in addition to the lack of world transportation, I propose you lot to select your location carefully. 1 kilometer inwards Djakarta is similar 10 kilometer inwards normal cities. Just going to the reverse side of a street yesteryear machine tin sometimes conduct maintain upwardly to xxx minutes!

If you lot don't conduct maintain fourth dimension to read my entire review, the next paragraph is a curt summary:

The best house to remain inwards Jakarta, either you lot are a tourist or a businessman, is around Plaza Republic of Indonesia or Grand Indonesia, for instance: Jalan Jaksa), 2-star hotels (Favehotel), 3-star hotels (Holiday Inn or Ibis Tamarin) in addition to 4-star hotels (Morrissey, Four Points yesteryear Sheraton, AONE or Akmani).

Need to a greater extent than addresses? See the next recommendations for Hotels nigh Grand Indonesia and Hotels nigh Sarinah.

If you lot conduct maintain fourth dimension to read my whole review, I volition listing below all the potential areas for you lot to remain inwards Jakarta, starting from the best.

(I included a direct link to Agoda to assist you lot volume your hotel. I laid upwardly a small-scale committee on every booking but the toll is the same for you. You tin compare using (excellent hotel comparator) or

Hotel Republic of Indonesia (Plaza Republic of Indonesia / Grand Indonesia)

The iconic Hotel Republic of Indonesia roundabout (Bunderan HI inwards Indonesian) is 1 of the most famous landmarks inwards Jakarta. All around it are v luxury hotels (KempinskiGrand HyattPullmanMandarin OrientalKeraton at the Plaza) in addition to the 2 best malls inwards Djakarta (Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia).

Both of these malls are peachy coming together points amongst lots of pop cafés, cinemas, restaurants, bars (Cloud, Social House, Skye) in addition to nightclubs (Immigrant). It is a modern component of Djakarta ideal for lifestyle travelers who are interested inwards shopping, eating out in addition to partying.

It is also key thus you lot tin achieve other parts of Djakarta fairly easily (for Djakarta standards). In particular, it is simply a few minutes away from National Museum are alone fifteen minutes away. You tin role world shipping to achieve whatsoever of these (Transjakarta).
Distance from airport:
Between 1h in addition to 1h30m amongst normal traffic conditions.

Central, slow to access, upmarket area
Good for nightlife, shopping, eating in addition to drinking out

Nothing touristic inwards the immediate expanse (no monuments, no historical buildings, no traditional markets)
Busy, crowded amongst a lot of traffic
Nowhere to walk around except within malls
No street food

Sarinah Mall (Jalan Jaksa, Wahid Hasyim, Sabang)
The Sarinah Shopping Center is alone a kilometer due north of the Hotel Republic of Indonesia roundabout (see above), but the experience is much different. It is a middle-class expanse amongst affordable shopping in addition to restaurants. You volition also notice peachy Indonesian street nutrient 24/7. Most buildings are low-rise but this mightiness modify presently every bit several towers are beingness built.

There are many convenient businesses for travelers, some of which are opened upwardly 24-hour: Money changers, locomote agents, meshing cafés, printing services, photography shops, etc. You also conduct maintain several laundries (one of which is a money laundry).

The mid-range hotels are along the streets Wahid Hasyim in addition to Agus Salim (nicknamed Sabang).

If your budget is really tight, pregnant nether 10$ a night, you lot tin larn a room in Jalan Jaksa. Many of the cheaper guesthouses are non listed on the meshing thus it's best to simply walk around in addition to expect for "room for rent/kos" signs.

The location is simply every bit strategic every bit the 1 inwards Hotel Republic of Indonesia (you tin walk at that spot inwards fifteen minutes). If you lot are non interested inwards going to malls, it is in all likelihood fifty-fifty better.

East of Sarinah is the upscale expanse of Menteng-Cikiniwhere some of the richest Indonesian families live. It is key to many overnice restaurants, a few museums, world parks in addition to cultural attractions. Hotels tend to hold out either pricey or low-quality. 
Distance from airport:
Between 1h in addition to 1h30m amongst normal traffic conditions.

Central, in-between modern Djakarta in addition to sometime Jakarta
Many budget hotels amongst proficient value for money
Cheap shopping options
Travelers shops (Money changers, locomote agents, etc)
Good street food
Very lively, fifty-fifty at nighttime (many shops in addition to restaurants are opened upwardly 24-hour)
You tin run across other travelers to a greater extent than easily (see Jalan Jaksa Nightlife)

Not an upmarket location
Not walking distance from whatsoever tourist landmarks
It was the location of a terrorist laid on inwards Jan 2016

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Golden Triangle
Mega Kuningan Streets
The Golden Triangle is the primary draw of piece of occupation concern expanse of Djakarta in addition to it is made from the next streets: Gatot Subroto, Rasuna Said in addition to Sudirman. It comprises some famous neighborhoods such every bit Mega Kuningan, SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) or Setiabudi. It extends inwards the South until Plaza Senayan and Senopati.

Mega Kuningan and SCBD are exclusive in addition to modern areas amongst a Western metropolis planning model. You'll notice blocks, large streets in addition to sidewalks, simply similar you lot would inwards an American city. It is the trendiest component of Djakarta in addition to habitation to dozens of hip bars, clubs in addition to restaurants. There are also several 5-star hotels (Ritz Carlton Mega KuninganMarriott) in addition to luxury malls (Pacific Place). It is cleaner than the remainder of Djakarta in addition to you lot conduct maintain fewer traffic jams. Some would state it's a ghetto for rich people that has cypher to produce amongst the existent Jakarta.

Many young, unmarried expats select to alive at that spot when they tin afford it. If they don't conduct maintain the budget, they may select to remain inwards Setiabudi instead (see below).

Jalan SudirmanJalan Rasuna Said, Jalan Gatot Subroto are some of the busiest streets inwards Jakarta. They are packed amongst cars, messy in addition to polluted. Still, choosing a hotel direct on 1 of these thoroughfares is a proficient thought to avoid unnecessary commuting time. Most are iv in addition to 5-star hotels though.

Distance from airport:
Between 45 minutes in addition to 1h30m amongst normal traffic conditions. Gatot Subroto is the closest in addition to it is connected to the drome highway. Mega Kuningan is to a greater extent than hard to access (traffic bottleneck).

Modern, Westernized component of Jakarta
Easy access to nightclubs, malls, trendy restaurants
Public carry options (Transjakarta)

Limited street nutrient options
No traditional street life
Heavy traffic during peak hours
Setiabudi is a residential in addition to low-rise neighborhood inwards the northern component of the Golden Triangle. Its residents were originally depression to middle-income families, but this is starting to modify every bit the province prices increase. Many houses conduct maintain been transformed into boarding houses, small-scale apartments or hotels which are pop amongst unmarried component workers (both Indonesians in addition to expats).

You tin larn a room at that spot for an affordable toll piece beingness nigh from the Central Business District (more information: How to Rent a Cheap Room inwards Jakarta). It is a peachy expanse for street nutrient every bit well.

Staying inwards Setiabudi would non hold out my start recommendation though if you lot are a tourist because it tin hold out hard to larn at that spot (traffic) in addition to to notice your hotel (small streets).

Distance from airport:
Between 1h in addition to 1h30m amongst normal traffic conditions.

Very proficient location betwixt Sudirman in addition to Rasuna Said streets
Low-rise, middle-class neighborhood
Near offices, malls, nightclubs, bars, restaurants
Street food
Convenient shops (laundry, photocopy, etc.)
Possibility to walk around

More complicated to access when you lot are non familiar amongst Jakarta
More hard to larn world transport
Traffic Jams
Kota Tua
Street nutrient nigh Jalan Kali Besar inwards Kota Tua
Strictly speaking, Kota Tua (Old Town inwards Indonesian) is the expanse around Taman Fatahillah Square in North Jakarta. In this review, I role it to clit a larger zone inclusive of Mangga Besar in addition to Glodok.

Kota Tua is infamous for beingness a red-light district: This is where you lot volition notice the most expensive naughty massage parlors, strip clubs, nightclubs in addition to gogo bars inwards Jakarta. Most hotels are used for curt fourth dimension in addition to the streets are busy 24/7.

In spite of this, staying nearby has several advantages: Hotels are much cheaper than elsewhere in addition to they are unopen from many tourist attractions (Chinese temples inwards Glodok, Museums, Sunda Kelapa). Some people, including myself, also taste the authentic street life. Jalan Mangga Besar inwards item is 1 of the best places to swallow street nutrient inwards Jakarta.

From Kota Tua to the metropolis view of Djakarta (Plaza Indonesia), it volition conduct maintain most 1 hr amongst normal traffic weather (30 minutes at night). There is a really convenient Transjakarta draw from Kota Tua downwardly to Blok m that goes through Monas in addition to the the National Museum.
Distance from airport:
Between 45m in addition to 1h15m amongst normal traffic conditions.

Near most tourist attractions inwards Jakarta
Near nightclubs, bars, massage parlours in addition to karaokes (naughty ones)
Cheaper expanse inwards Djakarta for sleeping in addition to eating out
Great in addition to colorful street life
Street nutrient stalls opened upwardly 24/7 - Excellent Chinese food
Busway line

More muddied in addition to dodgy than average
No modern malls in addition to restaurants
Lots of prostitutes
Other possible areas for staying inwards Jakarta
Kemang is a pop expanse amongst expats because it is nigh from the international schools. Many alive inwards expansive villas amongst swimming puddle in addition to gardens. It has a vibe similar to the 1 inwards Seminyak.

As a tourist staying inwards Kemang, you lot volition hold out nigh from many designer shops, proficient Western restaurants in addition to several bars in addition to clubs. On the negative side, at that spot are no tourist sights in addition to it is far from the metropolis center.

Gajah Mada/Hayam Wuruk (+ Pasar Baru)
This expanse is strategically located every bit it is betwixt Sudirman in addition to Kota Tua. There are non thus many things to produce inwards the immediate vicinity apart from some famous strip clubs in addition to massage parlors (Malioboro, V2, Emporium).

Recommended if you lot are planning to see places inwards both South in addition to North Jakarta. They conduct maintain lately opened several laid upwardly novel hotels such as Harris Harmoni VertuHotel Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk and Novotel Gajah Mada.

Mangga Dua
In North Jakarta, Mangga Dua is a shopping expanse amongst several naughty nightlife venues. It tin easily hold out reached from the drome yesteryear the toll road, in addition to it is non likewise far from the city's tourist attractions similar Kota Tua or Ancol. If you lot postulate to larn to the South, it volition conduct maintain you lot most an hour.

If you lot alone conduct maintain 1 nighttime inwards Jakarta, it tin hold out a to a greater extent than fun choice than staying nigh the airport. After 2 nights, you lot mightiness larn bored.

Slipi-Taman Anggrek
This expanse is inwards the vicinity of the malls Central Park and Taman Anggrek. You tin remain at that spot if you lot desire to hold out closer from the drome every bit it is alone xl minutes away yesteryear car. Downtown Djakarta is most xxx minutes away.

Pluit in addition to PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk)
This is an upscale expanse where many Rich Indochinese families live. It is unopen from the drome (less than xl minutes) in addition to you lot conduct maintain a growing nightlife scene (see my review Nightlife inwards PIK).

Kelapa Gading
There are non many reasons to remain inwards Kelapa Gading apart from shopping in addition to nightlife.

For shopping, you lot conduct maintain several malls including the gigantic Mall of Indonesia and Mal Kelapa Gading.

For nightlife, you'll notice generally massage parlours summation plus, brothels, strip clubs in addition to beer houses (Sumo, Delta, King Cross, Level v in addition to other prostitution joints).

Map of the Best Areas inwards Djakarta - Summary
If you lot are interested inwards staying inwards Djakarta nigh the nightlife, delight read my other hotel guides:

Contact me yesteryear electronic mail if you lot conduct maintain whatsoever questions most where to remain inwards Djakarta (or simply exit a comment below).


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