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Finally landed on the solid reason of Kangaroos together with Koalas. My starting fourth dimension time visiting Commonwealth of Australia together with I roughshod inwards dearest alongside this country! My blood brother has been living inwards Melbourne since 4 years agone together with I haven’t see him once. Last year, I got the peril to see his habitation inwards Melbourne together with I know why he dearest it! My super throwback move diary to the 2nd biggest metropolis inwards Australia.

This fourth dimension I’m going to dissever my move diary into 2 section: betoken of involvement together with culinary spot. I’m going to write which places I went inwards Melbourne inwards twenty-four hr flow order. It is going to create you lot easier to computer programme your itinerary when you lot are going to see Melbourne. Watch the total itinerary on my YouTube Channel here.

Goodnight, Jakarta
My flying to Melbourne was scheduled at midnight together with I would create it inwards Melbourne inwards the morn adjacent day. I took Garuda Republic of Indonesia Airlines flying together with I got to endeavor out the newest terminal (T3-Ultimate) at Soekarno Hatta. It was fantastic! Even though, it wasn’t equally adept equally Changi or Incheon Airport, but it was amend than the starting fourth dimension 2 terminals. Nowadays, the terminal is opened upward for few other international airlines such as, Korean Air, Vietnam Air, Air Asia International, whatsoever many more. Check your tickets within departure. Last year, at that spot aren’t many vendors opened yet, but exciting vendors are going to opened upward inwards T3-Ultimate. The duty-free shops are also quite consummate similar you lot larn to the dept-store within the malls inwards Jakarta. Waiting for deviation inwards T3-U is non going equally difficult equally before. The exclusively downside is the rails is likewise far from the terminal. We direct maintain to larn for only about forty minutes before take-off. So, it is going to hold upward a wearisome flying (I advise to sleep!).

Wake upward to your sunrise

Woke upward alongside a beautiful sunrise upward inwards the sky together with it's fourth dimension for breakfast.  I didn't larn my favorite Garuda inflight menu, omelette but their beef together with xanthous rice was pretty okay. Well, I don't actually direct maintain employment alongside international inflight meals therefore anything was fine.

Finally arrived inwards beautiful together with brilliant Melbourne! Tullamarine Airport was non equally large equally I thought, but they are nether renovation to serve people better. The immigration took a lot of time, because at that spot aren’t many counters that opened. Thankfully the drive from airdrome to my brother’s storey was non likewise far. Arriving at my bro’s apartment, nosotros took a shower therefore nosotros went out for lunch. After lunch, nosotros went to Melbourne Central.

Melbourne Central (MelCen) is a shopping centre located at the corner of La Trobe together with Swanston Streets. This shopping centre is huge! You tin respect anything from fashion, grocery, until appetizing foods together with drinks. Inside, at that spot are an iconic drinking glass cone, called Shot Tower, which tin hold upward seen on the starting fourth dimension degree of Melbourne Central. Melbourne Central is located atop of City Loop Melbourne Central prepare station together with metropolis tram route. That’s why it is e'er packed alongside people, but I dearest the crowd. One of the most exciting store inwards the MelCen is the Kit Kat Chocolatory.

Kit Kat Chocolatory is a identify similar a laboratory where you lot tin customize your Kit Kat. It was therefore fascinating. Even though it is pricier than the regular Kit Kat but I’m excited to direct maintain one. The toll to customize the Kit Kat is AUS$15. How to customize is equally slow equally A, B, C. All you lot ask is next the instructions on the screen. You tin select the writing, picture, together with flavor that you lot like!

From Melbourne Central, I cross the street to see State Library of Victoria, the most instagenic library I’ve ever seen. I used to similar going to library dorsum then. It starting to fade out since nosotros found the ability of Google search. In Indonesia, at that spot weren’t many populace library together with most of the collection are non upward to date. Visiting bookstores are way to a greater extent than comfortable than going to library. When I saw the motion icon of this library, I told myself that I must see hither together with when I visited the library, it was huge together with classical, but it feels similar habitation at the same time. Definitely, you lot should see this library once.

Not exclusively the within that are broad opening, but the story behind of it are also marvelous. They are the oldest populace library inwards Australia, which established inwards 1854. Not exclusively that, they are also the ane of the starting fourth dimension gratis populace library inwards the world.

 Beside role equally library, they also role equally an exhibition. There are several collections like, paintings together with historical stuffs close Victoria together with Commonwealth of Australia inwards general. It was ane of the wide-opening action that I had throughout this trip.

I pass for only about iii hours within the library, my blood brother got tired already waiting for me together with he was likewise excited to larn his novel phone, therefore he hurried upward me. I went dorsum habitation together with took a piffling rest, therefore nosotros went out for dinner.

Starting a fresh twenty-four hr flow inwards Melbourne past times visiting a brunch café inwards Fitzroy expanse past times walking from the CBD. I went at that spot alongside my friend together with nosotros ask to walk therefore nosotros tin consume all the large portion. On our way, nosotros passed past times the Melbourne Museum, Carlton Gardens, together with Royal Exhibition Building. When I’m going to see Melbourne again, definitely I’m going to larn inwards those buildings.

One of my dream action is sitting downward inwards a garden or common together with doing nothing. And I found the perfect gardens inwards Melbourne. I can’t hold off to exercise it someday. Carlton Gardens is 26 ha big, which include the Royal Exhibition Building. Both of it were built for the starting fourth dimension international exhibition inwards Melbourne inwards 1880. It was designed past times Joseph Reed together with built past times David Mitchell inwards 1879. I wishing the atmospheric condition inwards Djakarta equally overnice equally Melbourne! I would similar to pass fourth dimension outdoor if Djakarta direct maintain a nicer atmospheric condition together with safe.

After the brunch, I went to stroll the expanse together with stopped past times few shops only about there. There are therefore many cute shops that I would similar to enter. You tin respect anything inwards the neighborhood from, vintage shops, cozy cafes, till bars. I spent similar v hours inwards that area, but I notwithstanding ask to a greater extent than fourth dimension to see the places I passed by. Really recommend this expanse to see spell you lot are inwards Melbourne.

Went dorsum to the CBD area, therefore nosotros direct maintain window shopping at Emporium. Then I went dorsum habitation together with direct maintain dinner alongside my brother.

On my master copy itinerary, I went to Sydney on my 3rd day. Since, I separated Melbourne together with Sydney move diary, I’ll speak my 3rd twenty-four hr flow inwards Melbourne instead of my trip.

I direct maintain a brunch close my brother’s apartment. Then, nosotros went out to see his schoolhouse way consultant. We took a stroll only about the area, exercise some window shopping. I desire to purchase everything that displayed on the window.

We passed past times General Post Office therefore nosotros entered Royal Arcade. I’m fascinated alongside both of the buildings because they notwithstanding save the old-style architecture, but they repurpose the edifice equally a habitation for retailers.

Back then, the edifice located correct at the intersections of Elizabeth together with Bourke Street was originally functioned equally a ship service office. Not exclusively for posts, but also goods. The edifice was huge together with it has a clock tower, therefore it is easily spotted.

The Royal Arcade was the starting fourth dimension arcade inwards Melbourne built inwards 1869. This shopping centre made my jaw dropped. I similar the edifice therefore much! It feels grand yet homey. Nowadays, I liked classical together with historical stuffs. Maybe I’m one-time already L Any modern store inwards the Royal Arcade direct maintain a grand feelings. Not exclusively within the arcade, the alley beside is beautiful. I haven’t got fourth dimension to endeavor out the cafes along the alley, but I’m excited to endeavor it out adjacent time. If I’m non mistaken, Sam Hammington (Willam’s Dad from The Return of Superman) visited his friend’s café at this alley.

Then nosotros went to St. Kilda Beach. It was a brusque together with slow trip past times using the gratis tram ride from CBD. The beach was placidity at that time, because almost no ane going to beach on Autumn. Since I dearest beaches, I didn’t hear to see beach inwards whatsoever season. Even though, I don’t play inwards the water, but seeing sand together with waves are my healing therapy. Unexpectedly, I saw incomplete star-fish. It lost ane of its’ arm. On that day, the atmospheric condition was therefore breezy together with I couldn’t remain at the beach for likewise long. Near the beach, at that spot is a identify where you lot could sometimes meet penguins. I didn’t got a peril to meet them, but if you lot are planning to meet penguins inwards the metropolis (without going to zoo or visiting Philip Island) larn banking enterprise stand upward for here.

After hours of cardio within the DFO, nosotros went dorsum habitation together with therefore nosotros met upward over again for dinner alongside my brother. Before I went dorsum home, I was introduced to the best French fries I direct maintain ever had inwards my life! It wasn’t shown on my video, but allow me say you lot on the adjacent culinary post.

Head upward to Fitzroy expanse (again!!) to direct maintain the best croissant inwards the wholleeeeee world! Then, I caput to Queen Victoria Market together with direct maintain a proper brunch. The marketplace position was therefore beautiful T_T Hoping to direct maintain this sort of marketplace position inwards Republic of Indonesia soon! The marketplace position was therefore clean, fresh, together with neat. Most importantly, the marketplace position is epic! It was starting fourth dimension opened 1878 together with notwithstanding running till now. Not exclusively the oldest marketplace position inwards Melbourne, it is also the largest. I mean value I mightiness direct maintain fun doing groceries inwards the market. Definitely a must visit, together with don’t forget to endeavor the delicacies inside!

When dorsum habitation together with direct maintain some rest. I did a piffling packing, because I’ll hold upward dorsum habitation inwards iii days. I went out for dinner, therefore stopped past times at K-Mart. OMG I LOVE K-MART!!! It was sky on earth, it was much amend than Target inwards Australia. My blood brother needed a blanket together with nosotros got it inexpensive on K-Mart. I bought few things at that spot together with the most exciting things I found inwards K-Mart is my move journal! It was pink, lined, together with cheap, something I search for.

Starting a twenty-four hr flow alongside something novel together with quite pricey. I tried tapaz for the starting fourth dimension time. Then, I went to barge inwards Priceline. It was a sky for drugstore beauty. Check out what I bought from Priceline here. Then nosotros went to MelCen over again together with Emporium, I took my Boost Juice intake there. My blood brother needed a jacket, therefore he bought one. Then nosotros headed to dinner alongside my uncle’s friend, who helped my blood brother a lot inwards Melbourne.

The dinner went good together with it was a lovely dinner, therefore nosotros went dorsum habitation together with direct maintain some rest. I experience distressing that I’m going to larn out the metropolis soon.

It was route trip fourth dimension to Brighton Beach together with Yarra Valley. We used GoGet for our route trip. GoGet is a really exceptional move tip for all of you! It is a renting automobile platform, where you lot tin gild from your phone, therefore you lot tin larn your automobile the nearest you lot past times having the fellow member card tap to opened upward the car. It was fascinating together with mind-blowing. SO AWESOME!

Starting the twenty-four hr flow alongside a overnice brunch at a really unique place. Then, nosotros headed to Brighton Bath Boxes. It is the most mainstream identify inwards Melbourne, but I’m notwithstanding eager to visit! I’m weak for colorful things. There 82 bathing box that you lot tin select to accept photograph with. 

After the Brighton Bathing Boxes, nosotros went to Yarra Valley, some other must see identify inwards Melbourne. I wanted to endeavor the hot balloon inwards Yarra Valley, but it was quite pricey together with my blood brother didn’t actually desire to exercise it. That’s why I visited a winery inwards Yarra Valley. The winery nosotros visited is Chandon, they are the master copy sparkling winery inwards Australia. If you lot know the create Moet together with Chandon, they are produced from here! I couldn’t potable vino together with my blood brother ask to drive, therefore he exclusively did a vino tasting. Usually, inwards vino tasting, you lot didn’t potable all the wine, but you lot sip together with therefore you lot throw it out to a bucket provided. I took some photos inwards a beautiful broad plain alongside fluffy clouds inwards a bluish sky. I actually dearest the skies inwards Australia!

Went dorsum to the city. Before nosotros direct maintain our dinner alongside my friends, nosotros stopped past times at Blackstar Pastry pop-up store inwards Melbourne. My friends were busy alongside exams, therefore they can’t hang out alongside me before today. We direct maintain our dinner, therefore nosotros ate H2O ice cream.

It was my concluding total twenty-four hr flow inwards Melbourne. I direct maintain a really overnice time, thank you lot to the hospitality together with friendliness Melbourne have. I’m definitely going dorsum to you lot again, Melbourne!

My flying was at noon, therefore I headed to Lune over again to accept away the most delicious croissant dorsum home. After getting my babies, my blood brother dropped me off at the airport. I went dorsum habitation lonely together with it was my starting fourth dimension time flying lonely at a semi long-haul flight. It was a pleasant flight, but I arrived likewise early on at the airport. The airdrome was nether construction, therefore at that spot aren’t many vendors opened. And also, I’m having a difficult fourth dimension alongside credit card inwards Commonwealth of Australia together with I don’t direct maintain much cash left. I couldn’t purchase nutrient because I’m afraid my credit card couldn’t hold upward used together with I couldn’t pay for my meals. Thankfully I direct maintain cyberspace quotas to use, before I went dorsum home, therefore I’m non bored waiting for my boarding. The plane was non therefore packed, therefore it was a pleasant one.

To amount up, I actually dearest Australia! I couldn’t hold off to comeback! I approximate you lot guys wonder why I write a lot of throwback posts. Well, it’s all because of my lack of fourth dimension administration together with I direct maintain therefore many postponed posts from years ago. But, I’m glad to hold upward able to remembered it all cos it makes experience I’m on my trip again. Thanks for reading all my super belatedly move diaries, guys!

P.S: I’ll hold upward having my graduation together with I’m moving to South Korea, my dream city! Go banking enterprise stand upward for over my Instagram or Twitter to popular off along update alongside my daily life.


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