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The get-go beach goal inwards Bali is Tanah Lot. This tourist spot is located inwards the Village Beraban, Tabanan too alone close 24 km apart from Kuta Beach. For the fastest road that tin avoid traffic jams, yous tin motility through Jalan Tanah Lot Pass Pass. The uniqueness of this tourist spot is the beingness of a temple that is on the stone that juts into the middle of the sea. In addition, inwards the cave that lies beneath the cliff at that topographic point is a ophidian that is sacred. The legend that the local people believe is that the ophidian was the embodiment of Dang Hyang Niratha's shawl, the Brahmin's descendant of the sixteenth century.

To taste the ambience too scenery inwards Tanah Lot, local travelers are charged Rp30.000,00 per soul too Rp15.000,00 for local historic current children. Meanwhile, unusual tourists are charged twice equally much equally Rp30.000,00 for children too Rp60.000,00 for adults. You tin view Tanah Lot from 07.00 to 19.00 WITA. In add-on to witnessing the famous Tanah Lot temple too the sacred ophidian inwards the cave, many tourists come upwards to this beach to taste the sunset. Not a few tourists who convey prepared the photographic television camera to capture the seconds slipping of the Sun on the horizon due west of the cliff. Not fifty-fifty a few couples who brand this place equally a background icon prewedding.


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