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Finally it’s here, the twenty-four hr catamenia that I get missing my Lombok life. Days I spent working at that shabby yet total of warmth office, spending my weekend alongside nature or watching movies through my heavy macbook, too eating out almost everyday because no i laid upward for me. Lombok is a special house for me every bit yous may already know, it is a house I never see earlier too i twenty-four hr catamenia I receive got to pass at that topographic point for half dozen months without my menage unit of measurement too friends. It’s been three years ago, too I haven’t got a adventure to larn dorsum again. So, hither I am writing a slice of my retentiveness I had almost Lombok.

Mount Rinjani seen from far
Lombok is blessed alongside it’s beautiful untouched natural sceneries. Indonesia’s top 2 highest volcano mountain, Rinjani Mountain is located inwards this area. And the waterfalls I’m going to squall on this shipping service is located on the human foot of that mega volcanic mountain. Along alongside fresh air too construct clean water, the waterfalls is worth to see when yous receive got a enough fourth dimension inwards Lombok.

Monkey at Pusuk Forest

They are ever hungry, too thus scout out your snacks
Located inwards Senaru, North Lombok, the trip mightiness receive got 2 hours drive from Mataram. There are 2 routes alternative to accomplish this area. If yous receive got to drive past times yourself, passing through Senggigi expanse is a ameliorate option. If yous hire a driver, inquire for a halt at Pusuk Monkey Forest. You could encounter monkeys alive mitt inwards mitt alongside nature. Driving using Pusuk routes mightiness a bad pick if yous don’t know the expanse good too come upward dorsum a fleck late. There are no route lamps, steep roads, too no signal. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 monkey of a precipitous jumping out is non a surprise. So, live careful.

Side angle of Sendang Gile Waterfall
After the entrance, yous mightiness involve to footstep downwards but about 200 stairs (and yeah, yous receive got to climb it to larn back). After that, yous could encounter Sendang Gile Waterfall. It is the most favorite waterfall to see inwards Lombok, because it is tardily to accomplish the waterfall. No trekking required to Sendang Gile. But, a trivial to a greater extent than endeavor is needed if yous desire to encounter Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Every fourth dimension I visited these waterfalls, I didn’t pass a lot of fourth dimension inwards Sendang Gile, because it is quite crowded too yous can’t actually swim there, because the H2O is shallow. But, it is a expert spot for kids to play there.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall
The mega waterfall too its popularity
Crystal clear water
If yous desire to decease on to Tiu Kelep Waterfall, yous tin caput due north from Sendang Gile. It require a trivial trekking but, the path is quite clear so, it is non going to live a difficult one. At some point, yous receive got to across a river every bit good every bit walk against the current, but remain calm. You receive got to produce a trivial climbing, too thus article of apparel an anti-slip shoes. And I don’t recommend to see the waterfalls on rainy season. After yous produce a trivial physical activity, yous are going to live healed alongside the marvelous waterfall, Tiu Kelep. The waterfall mightiness live smaller than Sendang Gile, but the rapid is stronger. Because it is quite powerful, live careful to swim close the falls.


On the agency back, yous tin receive got a short-cut to the Sendang Gile Waterfall. You tin skip taking the stairs down, past times walking the tunnel. All yous involve is a flashlight too a rigid feeling. You can’t encounter what is below you. This is every bit good some other reason, a local take mightiness help. They tin Pb the agency too present yous where should yous step. There are few holes that mightiness brand yous drifted alongside the currents. 

A dragonfly landed on my honeymooners guests' shoulder

Took few photographs that surprised me. Didn't realize that I'm expert alongside taking photos. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 trivial appreciation won't hurt, right?

Better rent a automobile or hire a driver to larn to this area. It’s quite a challenge to drive to Senaru area. Especially, if yous don’t know the expanse good too the navigation service sometimes doesn’t move good because the signal was pretty bad inwards the forest. 
Fill inwards your automobile gas earlier the trip. It mightiness live difficult to detect gas station if yous get to driving to North area.

Use an anti-slip shoes. It volition alter your life! At the outset time, I wore my regular sport shoes too it soaked real bad, because yous receive got to cross a river to larn to Tiu Kelep Waterfall. It dries later 4 days, I think. Buy an outdoor-specialty shoes. It is an investment for your adventurous trips.

Using local take is a expert idea. Myself is a domestic tourist every bit good every bit a tour take too nonetheless involve a local guide. They volition assist yous alongside your bags too Pb the agency to Tiu Kelep. They every bit good pretty expert alongside taking photos of you. Even more, for unusual tourists. Do negotiate alongside them almost the fee.

Best to see the waterfalls is inwards the morn too non on rainy season. Look out for Mount Rinjani activity, because when the mount is reacting, the waterfalls are unopen for public.

Wear an appropriate swimwear. It applies to all expanse inwards Lombok, because bulk of Lombok people is Moslem.

Use a waterproof shield for your belongings, particularly bags too electronic devices. Action cameras, similar GoPro is an ideal device to capture moments, but yous involve to detect the agency to take away the bubble on the photographic idiot box camera (because I don’t know how too hither it is my photos are total of H2O bubbles lol). 

Bring a legit H2O bottle if possible. It is extremely difficult to detect a trash bin inwards the middle of the forest, too thus a existent H2O bottle is recommended or yous choose your ain plastic handbag to throw your trashes.

All of this tip is given from my ain experiences. As a tourism student, I’m using this media to spread the goodness of places inwards Republic of Indonesia every bit good every bit contributing for the community. There are a lot of view of using local take or non on the internet, but it is all almost your ain choice. I promise yous taste visiting the waterfalls too live a responsible tourist! Thank yous for reading this shipping service too showing involvement for Indonesia, particularly Lombok tourism! 
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