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Satonda Island No many people convey heard of Satonda Island or Pulau Satonda, lying off the northern coast of the isle of Sumbawa, unopen to Moyo Island (Pulau Moyo). Satonda Island was formed past times volcanic eruption on the bounding main flooring at a depth of chiliad meters, as well as thrust upwards some millions of years ago. This charming isle is located inwards the Flores Sea as well as is administratively purpose of the Nangamiro Village area, inwards the district of Dompu, inwards the tell of West Nusa Tenggara.

The volcanic isle of Satonda looks specially stunning when viewed shape the transcend of Mount Tambora, which is located to a greater extent than or less xxx kilometers from Satonda Island. Reportedly Satonda is to a greater extent than pop amid unusual tourists who instruct inwards a form of stopping signal when visiting the Komodo National Park from Bali or Lombok. They ordinarily come upward to encounter as well as sense first-had the stunning white sand, as well as crystal clear waters for snorkeling.

In improver to the various tourist crowd, showtime amongst the exotic, natural volcanic mountains as well as beautiful tabular array salt H2O lake inwards the crater, Satonda likewise stores a wealth of coral reefs inwards the surrounding waters, inwards the living corals surrounding this isle are likewise many species of ornamental, exotic fish as well as other bounding main creatures. Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imricata) is likewise oftentimes seen swimming as well as foraging amid the Satonda coral reefs.

Satonda IslandSatonda Island


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