Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Moyo Island, Sumbawa, Westward Nusa Tenggara Province

Moyo Island Moyo Island is located inward the due north of Sumbawa Besar, past times decree of the Ministry of Forestry as well as Plantation of Republic Republic of Indonesia no. 308/KPTs-11/1986 dated 24 September 1986 it is decided to hold upwardly a Nature Park Marine as well as Hunting Park Island. Several years ago, Moyo Island has been visited past times Lady Diana.

How to larn at that topographic point from Lombok?

at that topographic point are 2 alternatives to larn there, through province past times auto as well as air. past times car, you lot tin rent a auto or using a locomote means that takes to a greater extent than or less half-dozen hours trip from Mataram, the upper-case missive of the alphabet metropolis of West Nusa Tenggara province; alongside the details 2 hours from Mataram to Kayangan ocean port, as well as hence takes a ferry to Sumbawa isle (Poto Tano Port) virtually 1 - 2 hours, as well as Poto Tano to Sumbawa Besar some other 2 hours.

Airway could role a chartered helicopter landing on the helipad as well as could hit got been provided inward Moyo Island

Moyo Island


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