Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Jakarta Move Conduct - For Unmarried Guys (2018)

In this article, I volition explicate you lot everything you lot demand to know nigh traveling to Djakarta equally a unmarried guy.

I tried to proceed it equally concise together with curt equally possible. For to a greater extent than details, you lot tin give the axe electronic mail me straight at

If I wrote something inaccurate, delight instruct out me a comment together with I'll right it.

Visas for Indonesia
The citizens of almost every province on globe tin give the axe go inwards Republic of Indonesia without a visa for at to the lowest degree thirty days. This visa is non-renewable together with non-extendable hence you'll receive got no alternative but to instruct out the province afterward it has expired. Overstaying is currently charged IDR250,000 per day.

For staying equally a tourist for to a greater extent than than thirty days, you lot receive got 4 options:
→ Make a 60-day tourist visa inwards whatever Indonesian consulate abroad (I did i inwards Saigon, Bangkok, KL, Singapore together with Paris). It takes 3-4 days together with costs 50$. This visa tin give the axe hence last extended iv times thirty days for nigh xl dollars (you must purpose an agent).
→ If you lot receive got a sponsor (any Indonesian friend or an agent), you lot tin give the axe apply for a Sosial Budaya visa inwards whatever Indonesian consulates (60$). It is valid for 2 months together with it tin give the axe last extended 4 times for thirty days equally well. The extensions are easier together with cheaper to procedure (25$ each).
→ Purchase a 30-day visa-on-arrival/VOA (35$) at the aerodrome inwards Jakarta, together with hence extend it for some other thirty days (IDR450,000) at whatever immigration office. The procedure takes nigh a calendar week together with you'll receive got to brand iii trips to the immigration. The VOA is non extendable a tertiary time.
→ If all of these are besides much hassle for you, flight to Singapore together with dorsum to Djakarta on the same 24-hour interval is a pop alternative equally good together with it tin give the axe last done for less than lxx dollars. If you lot produce it besides oft though, you lot powerfulness instruct into problem amongst immigration officials from both sides.

Transfer from the Airport to the City
The aerodrome is located inwards the metropolis of Tangerang, twenty kilometers from Central Jakarta. An aerodrome runway shuttle is currently beingness built together with it should last educate past times 2018. In the meantime, these are the iii best ways to brand the transfer:

→ Traditional taxis: There are enough of them, by together with large from pocket-sized companies who paid bribes to occupy the most strategic spots inwards the airport. They are security to purpose equally long equally they position on the meter. They volition cost the same equally to a greater extent than reputable taxi companies similar Blue Bird, Express or Gamya which tin give the axe last hard to catch, peculiarly during peak hours.

Cost to metropolis center: Around IDR120,000 taxi fare + IDR16,000 toll road.
Duration of the trip: 45 minutes without traffic / at to the lowest degree 1h30 minutes amongst traffic

UberGrab and Go-Jek: Drivers from these shipping apps tin give the axe last booked from Djakarta airport. They offering much cheaper prices compared amongst taxis (at to the lowest degree 20% less). The taxi mafias mentioned higher upwardly are naturally unhappy hence you lot receive got to last discreet when taking them. In illustration someone asks you, simply tell that you lot are waiting for your personal driver. Never call Uber/Grab/Gojek.

Before downloading these apps, it is a skillful take in to instruct a local telephone number (see below).

→ Public buses (operated past times DAMRI): Budget travelers together with backpackers may purpose those buses which are available inwards each terminal. They accomplish at to the lowest degree 10 destinations inwards Djakarta together with its suburbs, but the most convenient for you lot should last either Mangga Dua (North Jakarta), Gambir (Central Jakarta), or Blok one one thousand (South Jakarta).

Cost: It is inexpensive if you lot are lone (IDR45,000 for the metropolis center), but for ii persons it isn't worth it (IDR90,000 + you'll nonetheless demand to accept a taxi to your hotel).
Duration: Between 1 lx minutes together with 2 hours.

Where to Stay inwards Jakarta
I wrote an entire article nigh the best areas for a rest inwards Jakarta that you lot tin give the axe read for farther information.

Here is a curt summary: If you lot only come upwardly equally a tourist or for partying, rest anywhere along Jalan Sudirman between Sarinah Mall together with Senayan Mall. Beware of skillful deals on hotels located far away from the major points of interests. What you lot heard nigh traffic jams inwards Djakarta is existent together with belike worse than you lot imagine.

Here are some hotels recommendations (all of them are girl-friendly):
→ 5-stars (more than 150$/night): KempinskiShangri-La (has a bar), Mulia (has a bar), Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons (New), Fairmont (New)
→ 4-stars (more than 100$/night): Oakwood Premier Cozmo (Great location nigh Loewy), Morrissey, Kosenda, Artotel, The Gunawarman, Fraser Residence, Fraser Place, Ascott Kuningan
→ 3-stars (more than 40$/night): Harris FX,  Ayaka Suites, Liberty Hotel, A-One, Ashley
Under 40$ per night: Dreamtel, Cipta, MaxOne

→ Backpackers: You tin give the axe simply inquire to last dropped inwards Jalan Jaksa together with uncovering a invitee family past times walking around. Price around 100,000 per night.

Some hotels inwards Djakarta receive got "naughty" massage parlors within them (more information on Hotels amongst Spas Plus Plus inwards Jakarta).

Cost of Staying inwards Jakarta
Staying inwards Djakarta is non equally inexpensive equally inwards other Asian cities. Even a backpacker inwards surviving trend needs to pass at to the lowest degree 15$ per 24-hour interval (8$ for a room without AC, 4$ for nutrient together with 3$ for transportation).

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 to a greater extent than reasonable minimal budget is 45$ per 24-hour interval (25$ for a double room amongst AC, 10$ for nutrient together with 10$ for transportation).

To last actually comfortable, though, together with to last able to afford some luxuries (alcohol, inviting a appointment inwards a classy restaurant, spas, etc), you lot belike demand at to the lowest degree 150$ per day.

Prices of selected items (single guys stuff):
Beer inwards a bar: 3-5$
Alcoholic drinkable inwards a bar: 6-9$
Booking a sofa for 8 people inwards a nightclub: Minimum spending of 250$-350$
Spirits bottle inwards a club: 100$

Street food: 1$ (no meat) to 3$ (with meat)
Indonesian repast inwards a casual restaurant: 5-7$
Western repast inwards a chic restaurant: 15-20$

1-hour "massage" inwards a medium degree spa: 30$
1-hour "massage" inwards a high-end virile someone spa: 70$

15-minute taxi ride: 3$
15-minute motor taxi ride: 1$ (with Go-Jek or Grab)
TransJakarta omnibus ticket: 0.3$

How to Get Around?
Moto-taxis are the fastest agency to instruct around inwards Jakarta
Getting around is the worst affair nigh staying inwards Jakarta. Unless you lot tin give the axe afford a helicopter, you'll receive got to pass a considerable amount of fourth dimension inwards traffic jams (fortunately, less on weekends together with afterward ix PM).

Transportation Apps
The applications mentioned higher upwardly (UberGrab and Go-Jek) are a must inwards Jakarta. They allow you lot to monastic tell individual cars, taxis or moto-taxis from your mobile telephone for cheaper than what it ordinarily costs.

Moto-taxis are non comfortable to use, peculiarly when it's hot outside, together with they tin give the axe last dangerous. Still, they are extremely pop because they cost almost naught to purpose together with they tin give the axe crunch the traffic.

I don't receive got a favorite app. I've installed all of them together with I purpose whichever is the cheapest for a particular ride.

Buy a local sim bill of fare hence the driver tin give the axe telephone outcry upwardly you lot to inquire nigh your exact location (except if you lot purpose Grab equally they receive got an in-app messenger). You tin give the axe pay your fare inwards cash, past times credit card, or past times loading credit inwards advance (at a convenience shop for instance). With the latter option, you lot volition ordinarily instruct special discounts.

Rather inexpensive together with plentiful. Avoid those parked right exterior nightclubs together with you'll last fine. Blue Bird is the most reputed company.

Walking inwards Djakarta is almost impossible except for really curt distances (less than 1 kilometer). If you lot wonder why, delight simply endeavor together with receive got fun.

Public shipping is confusing for newcomers. I don't recommend it unless you lot are on a really depression budget (in that case, simply purpose a moto-taxi). The line 1 of the TransJakarta - a fleet of buses amongst their ain dedicated lanes - is useful equally it goes from the North (Kota) to the South (Blok), passing through all the major attractions of the city. You must purchase a prepaid bill of fare to ride it (IDR40,000) together with the cost is IDR3,500 per trip (deducted from your IDR40,000 credit).

Internet/Mobile Phone
Even if you lot rest inwards Djakarta for a duo days, buying a sim bill of fare is the showtime affair you lot should produce upon arriving. It is available inwards most convenience stores similar 7/11 together with it costs betwixt 5$ together with 10$ (including an cyberspace package). Simpati is the best one. XL is also fine together with slightly cheaper.

Many expats complain nigh the cyberspace speed inwards Jakarta. It is slower than inwards Thailand or Singapore, but faster than inwards the Philippines, China, Vietnam. Video streaming is usually possible inwards most circumstances. If you lot demand to download movies, hold back until afterward 12 PM.

Almost all porn, torrent together with gambling websites are blocked inwards Indonesia. Modifying your proxy tin give the axe solve this problem, or you lot tin give the axe subscribe to a VPN instead. I've used several together with I'm making recommendations here: Best VPNs inwards Indonesia.

Dating Indonesian Girls Online
Republic of Indonesia powerfulness last the easiest province inwards the public to come across girls and this is nowhere to a greater extent than obvious than inwards Jakarta. Its slogan could be: "The metropolis where white privilege comes true".

The best agency to come across someone is online. You tin give the axe read my guide Best Dating Apps inwards Indonesia for a comparing betwixt each.

Broadly speaking, Tinder industrial plant corking inwards most province of affairs (especially if you lot are a white, handsome, young).

For an older guy who is average looking, I recommend to a greater extent than traditional websites similar IndonesianCupid equally you lot tin give the axe write a longer profile bio together with engage inwards less superficial conversations. IndonesianCupid industrial plant also good for guys wishing to chat amongst girls a few weeks earlier visiting Indonesia. Most girls who purpose it don't heed the long distance equally long equally at that topographic point is a run a hazard to come across inwards the future. It is a smart agency to innovation a trip if you lot are alone.

Best Bars together with Nightclubs to Meet Girls
In the existent world, at that topographic point are enough of opportunities to come across girls inwards bars together with nightclubs. Beware, though, some may already receive got boyfriends somewhere inwards the world. Hint: If a daughter spends a lot of coin without having a job, you lot tin give the axe last certain she has i or to a greater extent than saccharide daddies backing her. Even if she has a regular job, it is really rare that she volition earn to a greater extent than than 500$ per month. Just produce the math if that's something you lot attention about.

As of today, the best nightlife venues for coming together girls inwards Jakarta are Basque, Loewy, Immigrant, Dragonfly together with X2. You tin give the axe also endeavor Eastern Promise (older girls), Liquid Exchange, Bluegrass, Lucy inwards the Sky, Foundry 8, Jenja, Dronk (younger girls).

You tin give the axe read my ii updated guides:
- 10 Best Nightclubs inwards Jakarta
- 50 Best Bars inwards Jakarta

Single Guys on a Bachelor Party?
Read my move guide: Bachelor Party inwards Jakarta

Best Places to Hangout During the Day
Djakarta tin give the axe last quite tedious during the day, peculiarly if you lot don't know anyone there. I wrote several articles that you lot powerfulness uncovering helpful such as:

- Best Things to Do inwards Jakarta
- Best Museums inwards Jakarta
- Best Malls inwards Jakarta
- Best Cinemas inwards Jakarta
- Best Markets inwards Jakarta

Best Spas together with Massage Parlours
Another agency to speedily pass an afternoon inwards Djakarta is to instruct to a spa. You receive got iii options:
→ Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 regular/traditional massage. Some recommended ones, from inexpensive to expensive, are Bersih Sehat, Relax Living, Martha Tilaar Spa, Zen Spa, Taman Sari Royal Heritage. All of them are inwards Central Jakarta.
→ Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 massage amongst a happy ending. Two famous spa companies are Delta together with My Place. Each of their branches has a jacuzzi, a pool, a hammam, a sauna.
→ Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 happy massage. You tin give the axe read 10 Best Spas inwards Jakarta for the pop addresses (Alexis, Malioboro, Emporium, Illigals, etc).

Is Djakarta Safe?
I spent nigh v years inwards Djakarta together with I never had whatever particular issues apart from a child motorcycle accident (read Why You Need Travel Insurance inwards Indonesia).

→ Crime is rare, fifty-fifty inwards infamous neighborhoods similar Mangga Besar. I've never felt unsafe walking around together with at that topographic point are no reasons you lot should.
→ There aren't whatever scams I'm aware of, belike due to the depression number of tourists inwards Jakarta. This does non hateful you lot won't last bothered amongst touts inwards touristic places (Taman Fatahillah, Jalan Jaksa, Monas). The only affair you lot hazard is buying some overpriced crap.
→ The terrorist threat exists, similar inwards whatever other worldwide metropolis.
→ If you lot instruct arrested past times the police line (it is rare but it tin give the axe happen), you lot volition last asked to demo your passport. They powerfulness inquire for some coin if you lot don't receive got it amongst you lot (IDR100,000). If you lot haven't done anything wrong, simply hold back together with they'll permit you lot instruct afterward a few minutes.
→ Don't produce drugs (read Is It Dangerous to Buy Drugs inwards Indonesia).

More on this subject: Is Djakarta Safe?

Do you lot recollect I forgot to call something of import inwards this Djakarta move guide for unmarried guys? Please simply instruct out me a comment below.


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