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Hey! Empties of 2017 is here, finally! I’ve prepared it since Jan but, I’m busy alongside my real lastly assignment for my undergraduate program. Now it’s done! I experience in addition to therefore relieved in addition to and therefore low-cal correct now. I’ll highlight few products that I recommend for y'all to effort out inwards this post.(Watch the total video here)

Nivea Night Whitening Body Lotion

I actually liked this trunk lotion. First fourth dimension I came across this trunk lotion was when I experience that my peel looks darker since I stayed inwards Lombok. I bought this at a local supermarket inwards Lombok. Actually I don’t actually take whitening products because normally my peel volition live dorsum to normal afterwards few days staying at home. After giving a try, I does give an 2nd whitening on my skin. The production consistency is quite low-cal in addition to dry out fast afterwards application. You won’t experience the tackiness lotions normally accept since it is dry out fast. It is a proficient bedtime routine production y'all need.

Wavertree in addition to London Bar Soap

Major love for this bar soap! I got this from my mom who brought it from Australia. Frankly speaking, this lather mightiness non every bit fancy every bit Lush’s products, but I actually liked this bar soap. With 200g worth of products, it is much bigger than whatsoever Lush’s bar soap. It is cheaper also! The aroma is only perfect, non besides much or besides less. And nearly of all, it is moisturizing peculiarly when y'all piece of occupation toilet puff, it lathers in addition to therefore well.

Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil Eyeliner

My holy grail eyeliner ever! It glides easily in addition to didn’t wound your waterline at all. It doesn’t smudge for quite approximately fourth dimension in addition to the coloring pay-off is existent deal. I’ve never piece of occupation makeup whenever I play alongside water, but I normally sweat a lot when I accept outdoor activity, similar beingness a tour take for example. When it happened, this eyeliner however stays, but a fiddling smudge tin live seen. But it doesn’t plough y'all into a panda, though. The cost is inexpensive, that’s why when I went to Korea on Apr 2016, I bought similar four pieces of it.

Isoi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum

After using it few times I experience disappointed alongside this product, but I however finished this product. It turns out the number of using this production was slow. But I exercise abide by divergence on my skin. Since my love Lancome serum has instantly gone, I finally constitute the replacement, which is this Isoi serum. The exclusively downside of this serum is the production is besides fiddling but the bottle is besides heavy. When I’m going to Korea, I planned to purchase this skincare trouble again. I should effort this production out ane time again since my peel has changed since the lastly fourth dimension I used this product. I wonder if it worked ane time again alongside my skin. But definitely, this production is worth to try!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil-free Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

My novel fave production from a drugstore. I’ve been inwards love alongside my Pond’s wipes earlier I larn my hands on this Neutrogena cleansing wipes. This wipes are magical. It gives y'all 2nd refreshing feeling on your skin. It dries fast also, in addition to therefore don’t worry if y'all didn’t exercise the double cleansing procedure. The production is oil-free so, it doesn’t demo whatsoever polish on your human face upwardly similar whatsoever other makeup remover products. One bundle of this wipes worth a long way. So, it is actually worth to the try.

So that’s is my transcend v products from Empties 2017. I promise y'all abide by this ship service helpful in addition to promise y'all tin abide by it inwards your province because approximately of the products I mentioned inwards the video or this ship service are by in addition to large from Republic of Indonesia in addition to Korea. Also, at that spot are approximately products that are already discontinued. If y'all accept tried the products I’ve mentioned, don’t hesitate to comment downwards below.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Remember y'all are beautiful inwards your ain way. Thank y'all for reading!! 


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