Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Move Diary + Catch Indonesia: Java-Bali Over Land, Sea, As Well As Fly! (Part I)

Hey at that spot my friends! I’m dorsum alongside my novel move diary series. I’ve been busy alongside my in conclusion semester which way I’m going to cease my academy life soon! YEASHHH! Last yr was likely the most frequent I went for traveling. I haven’t postal service much of my traveling stories both inwards this spider web log nor my YouTube channel. Now, I finally got to edit 1 out of 4 postponed move diary series. Check out my video start to know what it is close together with read this postal service to know the BTS!

Actually this is my 2nd fourth dimension traveling from Java to Bali over land, sea, together with fly. This trip is ane of my faculty’s program. So, nosotros instruct scored during this trip. It was much to a greater extent than of an educational trip rather than leisure but, nosotros are given gratuitous fourth dimension at the cease when all the mandatory computer program are done. I got to bring together this trip in ane lawsuit again this fourth dimension is because I helped my lecturer at that time. Yes, I’m the ane who gave score for my juniors. FYI, nosotros are trained to live on a skillful tour guide for this trip. So, let’s instruct into the BTS!


I didn’t write twenty-four hours ane together with ii inwards my video because it’s a chip confusing. 😂😅 So, nosotros started this trip at the dawn only about 4-5AM. We ride our schoolhouse (university) bus, which you lot tin encounter the awesomeness inwards the video. It is a 41 seater coach together with the grouping consist of twoscore people, thus yep it is a full-house trip! And fyi, nosotros had to slumber inwards the coach together with that way our start 24 hours are spent within the bus. Throughout the journeying from Tangerang (city close Jakarta) to Banyuwangi, where nosotros cross the body of body of water to Bali, the students (my juniors) had to practise a guiding close topics related to this trip. For example, the civilization of Javanese, culinary, arts, etc. It was a pretty tough chore for them together with thus practise I. I’ve to hear to their guiding together with sometimes it feels tiring. But, I’m amazed alongside what my lecturer done. She has been doing this trip every yr together with got to hear the same topics all over every year. Even though both mentally together with physically tired, I’m happy to bring together this trip. I got a run a jeopardy to skip flat together with came dorsum to Bali for free!
View from the coach on the highway
We stopped past times at Pekalongan for Lunch at Sop Buntut Bu Leman. This eating spot is known for their ox-tail soup. The ox tail tin live on served inwards ii ways, grilled or not. I chose the grilled ane because it is to a greater extent than savory. After lunch, nosotros dice along our journeying toward Kudus, Semarang, together with then nosotros stopped at RM Wahyu Utama, Tuban to receive got our slow dinner equally good equally instruct cook for slumber similar brushing our teeth together with alter our cloth, etc. 
Highlight of the day: BEEF!!


Good Morning
It was rainy flavor so, it is quite a challenging trip both for our drivers together with us. As it getting dark, the coach getting colder together with it made me missing bed thus much. Anyways, it took only about seven hours to arrived at Banyuwangi. I woke upwardly quite early, similar only about five AM together with I saw a beautiful sunrise close the body of body of water at only about vi AM. The morn sentiment is incredible. You tin encounter the body of body of water on the left side together with mount on the correct side. If I didn’t took this trip, it is something difficult to see. We passed past times Baluran National Park which has a unique view. When it is dry out season, the trees didn’t receive got leaves together with it looks similar a fall-winter season. Oh the tree’s coloring also grayish, thus it looks similar a wintertime flavor inwards Indonesia. But since I came dorsum on Nov together with it is rainy season, leaves are starting growing dorsum thus you lot can’t genuinely encounter it. This national commons however receive got wild animals, but it is rubber to cross because at that spot is a route made for it.
Beautiful countryside view

The mount peek through the clouds
Baluran National Park at dry out season

It is much improve seen inwards existent life
We stopped past times at a gas station to practise our morn routines together with and then headed to the bay for Bali. We used a ferry to cross from Java isle to Bali island. It exclusively took a skillful 10-15 minutes to cross the Bali Strait. We arrived at tiffin fourth dimension inwards Bali together with then nosotros went direct to tiffin at Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk Bu Lina. It is ane of the traditional nutrient inwards Bali, Ayam Betutu, which is a dish made from chicken served alongside Balinese condiments. It tin live on quite spicy for foreigner particularly if you lot pick out non the fried one. The fried Ayam Betutu is less spicy because the condiments are separated. I also non besides skillful eating besides spicy food, thus I ever pick out to fried Ayam Betutu. 
On the middle of Bali Strait

After a hearty meal, nosotros instruct direct to our hotel. It took only about 2 hours to arrived at Kuta from Gilimanuk. After lunch, our unloosen energy got drained but nosotros however ask to dice along the guiding session. When nosotros arrived the hotel, I went direct to my room together with took a bathroom together with sleep. It was a genuinely overnice slumber later on a extremely tiring journey. We had our dinner at the hotel because nosotros are besides tired to movement around.

DAY iii

Starting the twenty-four hours alongside hearty breakfast at the hotel. Then nosotros went to Jenggala Ceramics to practise some artsy time. You cannot go out Bali without getting involved alongside their artsy life. Jenggala Ceramics is ane of Balinese local ceramics producer. They receive got several shops together with a factory. We visited their manufacturing industrial plant life to encounter how they create their ceramics equally good equally joining their workshop. You tin see their manufacturing industrial plant life past times notice. We had some fine art fourth dimension past times icon the one-half done clay. This is what I made for my mug. It is uncomplicated only because I can’t genuinely draw. After some healing fourth dimension alongside art, nosotros got some snacks. Even though later on the activeness nosotros volition live on heading for lunch. 

Some satisfying things to encounter

Froggy inwards process


Pink tea prepare

We had our tiffin at Warung Krishna, they are Nasi Campur Bali specialist. It is also ane nutrient that you lot should gustatory modality in ane lawsuit inwards Bali. You tin pick out betwixt rice or lontong. Lontong is also made from rice but together with then wrapped inwards banana leaf. If alongside lontong, you lot volition live on served inwards a soup, similar a curry. I ever instruct for the rice one. As I am writing this down, I instruct reminded past times how it gustatory modality together with it makes me hungry together with missing Bali a footling bit. After tiffin nosotros headed to Gianyar expanse to encounter the making procedure of organic common salt inwards Kusamba Village. It was scorching hot at that time, but nosotros ask to comport it because it is genuinely a genuinely of import activeness of the day. Balinese has several organic products production such equally soap, aromatherapy, together with also food. This common salt is special because it is less salty than your regular kitchen salt. So it is skillful plenty for your health. For your information, Republic of Indonesia doesn’t genuinely receive got much attending close using organic products thus at that spot aren’t many producers. It is fascinating to encounter the procedure also past times buying you lot helped the community. 

Nasi Campur

with Lontong
The common salt is bathing inwards the sun
After grilled past times the Sun for a skillful 30-45 minutes, nosotros headed to Goa Lawah Temple, which is exclusively a 5-10 minutes away from the organic common salt farm. This temple is unique because it is genuinely a temple alongside bats living there. Lawah is Balinese give-and-take for bats together with Goa way cave. So, within the temple at that spot is a cave alongside G of bats living there. There are few tips earlier entering Balinese temple. 

One of the Pura inwards the Goa Temple Lawah complex
After the temple visit, nosotros went to ane of the best villages inwards the the world which is Panglipuran Village. It is best known for their cultural value that is however done till this twenty-four hours together with their hamlet layout is nicely done. Even though this hamlet has became a tourism destination, the locals are however living here. You should pay the tickets to go inwards this village. If you lot came at the perfect time, you lot tin receive got a genuinely skillful Instagram worthy picture. You tin also instruct inwards affect alongside the locals. Some of the locals opened some souvenir store equally good equally nutrient stall thus it is tourist friendly. 

Not your common runway

We had our dinner inwards a really special way, but I didn’t receive got the footage because start it was raining 2nd it was besides hectic to film. We had a dinner at a nighttime marketplace called Pasar Senggol Gianyar. Well genuinely this market’s advert is unique because the give-and-take ‘senggol’ way bump. So the literally important is bumping marketplace inwards Gianyar. But well, marketplace is ordinarily crowded alongside people, thus at that spot is a run a jeopardy for people bumping into ane another. The kids are given allowance for dinner for close 30,000 rupiah. I ate a lot of satay together with grilled corn. If you lot got a run a jeopardy of seeing grilled corn inwards Bali or whatever role of Indonesia, practise purchase it! In Bali, the best places to purchase the grilled corn are close Single Fin (Uluwatu) or Petitenget Beach. With raining however relentlessly falling down, nosotros went dorsum to our hotel together with instruct some rest.

I’ll cutting the postal service into ii because I retrieve it is besides long together with I know how it feels to read a super long spider web log sometimes kinda boring. Thank you lot for keeping upwardly till this part. See you lot on the side past times side post! There volition live on the highlight of this trip. So brand certain to read the side past times side post! 


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