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When the holidays convey arrived but confused desire a opor-garai where !? Why non essay to opor-garai inwards Bandung? Although many convey opor-garai to Bandung, but this metropolis is never tedious anyway. Cool atmosphere, interesting tourist destinations, in addition to culinary are e'er tempting. Well, the traveler in addition to hopefully the thought of opor-garai destinations to Bandung is cool fun in addition to tin hold upward useful to regain inspiration your holiday

1. Selfie or Wefie  In The Keraton Cliff

The hills, valleys in addition to mountains are in all probability the touchstone landscape of Bandung. The city's favorite opor-garai goal is the people of Djakarta is indeed inwards the altitude, in addition to surrounded past times hills in addition to mountains. Therefore the location is cool, cool in addition to fresh. With such landscape conditions, Bandung has many hilltop destinations alongside refreshing scenery. One of them is the Keraton Cliff or the netizens in addition to instagramer to a greater extent than familiar alongside the Selfie Cliff.

The location of the cliffs of the Keraton or selfie cliffs is non too far from the metropolis center, located inwards the Dago area. Also, the route to the cliffs of the palace is slightly uphill in addition to unopen to of the asphalt is non intact. After all, Cliff Keraton is 1 of the favorite destinations inwards bandung that must hold upward visited because of its splendor. As the offset cliff regain said Pak Asep, Cliff Keraton way natural splendor. Sure baseball game desire to selfie alongside the beauty of the Keraton Cliff inwards Bandung?

Take it easy, the entrance ticket is inexpensive really, simply IDR 11.000 only! Reservation recommends for a opor-garai to this cliff palace when it's a normal day, because it tends to hold upward to a greater extent than quiet. If you lot view the Cliff Palace when a holiday, sure this house a chip claustrophobic. Except coming inwards the morning, perchance nevertheless a petty quiet

2. Trying Different Experiences, Shopping And Culinary In Floating Market Lembang

If you lot desire to experience the sensation of dissimilar shopping, perchance friends - friends should start planning a opor-garai to the metropolis of Bandung. Why? Because inwards the cool metropolis of Bandung for this opor-garai in that location is 1 unique goal for shopping equally good equally culinary hunting. His advert is Floating Market Lembang.

As the advert suggests Floating Market is located inwards the expanse of ​​Lembang, North Bandung. Precisely nevertheless close Grand Hotel Lembang. Looking for entrance is non difficult, because in that location are many clues to acquire to the Floating Market after arriving inwards Lembang.

To hold upward able to bask the atmosphere Floating Market Lembang, friends - friends friends tin view it from Mon to Sunday. Yes, every twenty-four hours this house opened upward kok! It's just, when the common twenty-four hours friends - friends tin solely bask the scenery, because many sellers are closed. Even in that location are unopen to sellers of snacks inwards the floating marketplace that tin nevertheless hold upward purchased selling. Entrance to Floating Market is IDR 10,000 per person, in addition to ticket for auto is IDR 5000. Pleased, tickets tin hold upward exchanged alongside soft quaff on the inside.

One that needs to hold upward remembered when inwards Floating Market Lembang. Before shopping, traveler friends must telephone commutation rupiah to coins especially used to store at Floating market. Because all transactions inwards Floating Market Lembang should piece of occupation this money only. While for the cost of nutrient inwards this house also varies from IDR 5,000 to IDR 35,000

3. Enjoying Romantic Atmosphere In Bukit Moko, Bandung

Want to run into the thought of Bandung from the height? Come to Bandung, just to Bukit Moko. From Bukit Moko this friends - traveler friends tin bask the nighttime lite of Bandung City, also sunset in addition to sunrise when the twenty-four hours is bright.

Moko Hill is located at an height of virtually 1500 meters higher upward body of body of water level, in addition to unopen to tell that this is the highest indicate inwards Bandung. I create non know how much but create non hold upward surprised if the air hither volition hold upward cold. Do non acquire the incorrect costume yes, siapin thick jacket! To acquire to Bukit moko tin overstep Padasuka road, climb upward to Caringin Tilu, in addition to thus slightly boot the bucket along upward to acquire to Bukit Moko.

No demand to pay admission at Bukit Moko, it's simply friends of traveler must guild nutrient in addition to quaff at Warung Daweung, the solely warung here. With the mutual frigidity air addition the air current that is fast plenty to warm upward alongside nutrient or hot drinks at Warung Daweung volition hold upward real enjoyable, spell enjoying the beautiful landscape of Bandung.

4. Studying in addition to Playing In Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo is truly non a nutrient stall, or a mutual tourist goal such equally entertainment parks in addition to natural destinations. This house is truly a Sundanese fine art art gallery located inwards Padasuka, Bandung.

Saung Angklung was founded past times angklung creative mortal named Udjo Ngalagena (Alm) in addition to Uum Sumiati inwards 1967. Saung Mang Udjo admission cost itself is valued Rp.60.000 for domestic tourists in addition to Rp.100.000 for foreigners. Not too expensive for the experience gained later.

Uniquely though solely barlabel "Saung" but this house is fifty-fifty much favored past times the traveler who is curious virtually Sundanese musical art. Probably because many who desire to opor-garai spell learning art. Many traveler who likes to view Saung Angklung Mang Udjo this.

Established on the the world alongside an expanse of ​​1.2 hectares, visitors tin non solely bask Sundanese fine art that is Angklung performances. Every traveler who visits hither has the chance to essay their ain in addition to play angklung.

5. Happy alongside Family at Trans Studio Bandung

For those of you lot who similar or curious alongside the entertainment park, may occasionally essay to view Trans Studio Bandung. It is the largest in addition to consummate indoor entertainment commons inwards Bandung. Yeah, hell, where else entertainment commons is cool to play together alongside household unit of measurement inwards Bandung likewise here.

Before Trans Studio Bandung existed, its predecessor was Trans Studio Makassar. Even so, inwards Bandung is no less fun alongside the rides - the existing rides. Here are unopen to of the rides inwards this band trans bandung :
Studio Central
Yamaha Racing Coaster
Super Heroes 4D The Rides
Broadcast Museum
Dunlop Trans Car Racing
Indosat Milky Way Vertigo
Trans City Theatre
Giant Swing
Sibolang The Rides
Science Center
Dunia Anak
The Lost City
Kong Climb
Sky Pirates


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