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Jogja, is i of the cities inwards Republic of Indonesia that has its ain uniqueness because of the cast of regime inwards the cast of a sultanate. In addition, Jogja also has its ain forcefulness in addition to feature inwards the champaign of tourism. Lots of tourists inwards the province in addition to abroad who view this urban nitty-gritty of Jogja. Many tourists similar this urban nitty-gritty because of its simple, culturally friendly surround in addition to friendly people. In improver to cultural tourism, Jogja is famous for its endless natural surroundings, ranging from mountains, beaches, caves, waterfalls, lakes, everything is there!

Jogja has a rattling strategic geographic location, located inwards the middle of Java Island, this Jogja tin endure achieved using whatever trend of transportation. However, this fourth dimension I volition explicate the tips of inexpensive vacation using backpacker style.

Transportation to Jogja
Lempuyangan develop station (source : google image)

Lots of shipping that tin endure used to become to this Jogja, because of its strategic location inwards the middle of Java Island. The offset is the plane. For those of y'all who are exterior Java tin instantly take away flying to Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta or to Juanda International Airport Surabaya in addition to decease on using autobus or develop to Jogja.

The minute is to piece of occupation the train. Lots of economical trains to Lempuyangan Jogja Station from diverse cities such every bit Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya in addition to Malang. The toll of economical develop to Jogja from Bandung is to a greater extent than or less Rp 150.000 (formerly Rp 50.000 loh), from other cities the toll is almost the same. But, calm despite the economical train, at nowadays the auto is practiced in addition to air-conditioned, in addition to most importantly is the unwrap i topographic point :)

The 3rd is to piece of occupation the bus. To piece of occupation this bus, many buses from diverse cities in addition to large to the Terminal Giwangan Yogyakarta. The autobus toll from Bandung to Jogja is to a greater extent than or less Rp 180,000 to Rp 250,000, depending on negotiation in addition to autobus facilities. Usually this autobus already include swallow 1 time.

The concluding i is a roadtrip! I accept done a route trip to Jogja 1 twelvemonth ago. The advantages of this route trip nosotros tin halt anytime in addition to tin view the tours on the trip that nosotros passed. Capital to comport this route trip nosotros postulate to accept a individual vehicle or rent from the rental. For the cost of gasoline alone, the gasoline that I pass during commute to Jogja is no to a greater extent than than Rp 400,000, if 1 auto v people ga to a greater extent than than Rp 100,000 per individual loh in addition to exciting tin also view diverse places in addition to also when inwards Jogja our mobility is tardily where to become :)

Lodging inwards Jogja
Sosrowijayan route (source : google image)

Lots of lodging inwards Jogja, ranging from the cast resorts in addition to hotels are expensive to the inexpensive likewise much. For the backpacker, ordinarily a lot of inns that cost below Rp 200,000. The offset expanse that at that topographic point are many inexpensive lodging that is on Jl. Sosrowijayan. This route is located adjacent to Jl. Malioboro, inwards improver to the inexpensive price, the location closed to the centre of the crowd into this expanse is ofttimes used every bit tourists to stay. Even many homestay hither whose toll is below Rp 100.000, depending on the negotiations in addition to facilities provided every bit well.

The minute expanse is Jl. Prawirotaman. This expanse is yet a flake rare inwards the ears of Indonesian tourists because this expanse is to a greater extent than ofttimes visited past times unusual tourists. Many inexpensive lodgings hither start from Rp 100,000 per night. Location Jl. Prawirotaman is located closer to Lempuyangan Station in addition to the expanse is relatively quieter than Jl. Sosrowijayan. Lots of bars in addition to unique restaurants are also along this street.

Transportation inwards Jogja
becak wisata (source : google image)

As a backpacker, sure many who prefer their ain agency rather than next a tour bundle to view a place. Because inwards improver to cheaper, nosotros tin become anywhere nosotros want. To larn to a greater extent than or less the urban nitty-gritty of Jogja truly many options that tin endure selected past times the backpacker. The offset is using world transportation, but I create non recommend using world shipping because inwards Jogja is yet rare in addition to inflexible, except if y'all desire to go to a greater extent than or less the urban nitty-gritty wrote Trans Jogja simply cost Rp 3,500 inwards whatever direction.

The minute is to rent a motorbike or car. Motorcycle rental inwards Jogja is almost Rp 80.000 per twenty-four hr catamenia in addition to auto toll is Rp 350.000, that is average toll every individual may larn unlike price. By renting a motorbike or auto nosotros tin wherever nosotros want, but it is to a greater extent than frugal if the backpacker hither alongside some friends, thus tin portion to pay rental. If 1-4 people tin piece of occupation the motor, if 4-8 people tin piece of occupation the car, your vacation inwards Jogja would endure to a greater extent than exciting! : D

Tourist finish inwards jogja
Borobudur temple, the biggest hinduism temple inwards the basis (source : google image)

For the affairs of this tourist spot, Jogja has many tourist attractions, ranging from mountains to beaches there. But because of its location away from the urban nitty-gritty center, in addition to thus nosotros are encouraged to rent a vehicle inwards club to arrive at the tours to a greater extent than or less this Jogja. Jogja has a lake inwards Kalibiru Kulon Progo, has a beautiful mount on Ngglanggeran Mountain, has a cool cave inwards Pindul Cave, in addition to a cluster of beaches along Gunung Kidul.          

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