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Hello! I’m in conclusion writing a transportation service on my spider web log together with uploaded a video on Youtube. Finally I got fourth dimension to write together with amount upwards all my hauls for middle 2017. On this blog, I’ll write the things that are non included inwards my 26 infinitesimal long video. Ikr… But generally it’s close clothe that I bought, snacks, together with few un-categorized things, merely its cute!



I bought few pieces of clothe from Cotton On. In instance y'all didn’t know close Cotton On, it is a retailer similar H&M, Forever 21, etc. It is originally came from Australia, together with thus the cost is quite cheap. Well, y'all tin give notice nation Cotton On is 1 of the competition for both H&M together with Forever 21. Oh, I bought a cute fries sweater also. But I forgot to convey the photograph of it.


I was dragged to this Peter Alexander wagon. Peter Alexander is a sleepwear construct from Australia. I bought few sleepwear from this construct inwards discounted bargain. The existent cost of this construct was non cheap. Expensive truly for a sleepwear. BUT! If y'all acquit upon the material, y'all volition stimulate got the expensive price. Not entirely that, they stimulate got cute designs also. I autumn inwards dearest inwards the offset sight when I come inwards the store. If y'all happened to larn your hands on this brand, y'all should. Find the skilful larn by though, similar going to the Factory Outlet! More details:

I bought ii types of sleepwear. Longer 1 together with shorter one

Do y'all mean value is it a mango or a lemon?

The Peter Alexander iconic dog


I’ve mentioned it 1 of the flavour on my video. information technology IS THE BEST CHIPS IVE EVER EATEN! They stimulate got diverse flavour available, merely my favorite 1 is the Honey Soy Chicken one. I’ve also bought the Sea Salt & Black Truffle, it was overnice at the offset few bites. Maybe, if y'all swallow the whole bundle at once, it volition sense of savor also salty. But, the fragrance was together with thus goooood! I truly similar truffle though.



I went to my favorite shop, which is KIKI.K. This store sells diversity of notebooks, purpose supplies, together with stuff amongst cute designs. I bought similar few things, such motivational books together with its workbook (?) together with also a reflection book. Their pattern catches my eyes together with motivate me to utilisation it. It motivates me to exercise about of this aesthetic photography more.

Aesop x Kiki.K projection (?)

Trying to endure aesthetic. Is it skilful enough?

Instead of pen, I utilisation mascara. Balanced lashes is important, girls!


Another store that I went to purchase un-categorized stuffs is Typo. Both stores are similar a sky for me (?) I went crazy afterwards going within the store. I wanted to purchase everything. I went to a mill outlet one, together with thus they stimulate got all products on discount. It makes me to a greater extent than crazy. Stuffs I bought are patches, cards, together with sticker books for decorating. The comic bubble pouch is the it-item from my Typo hauls. So cute, isn't it? The stickers to decorate it were also from Typo.


My dearest for chocolate was unstoppable when I went to Australia. So, I bought few chocolates that are non available inwards Indonesia, peculiarly my ain Kit Kat. It was the cutest affair e'er inwards my chocolate world. Even though it is expensive together with I prefer the regular Kit Kat, merely I can't resist to buy. HAHA. Look at the design! The other 1 was the awesome Celebrations Chocolate. I was introduced to this chocolate from Tanya Burr together with I dearest all of it except Bounty. Idk why I don't similar it. I bought it from Target, about house I've never been earlier together with excited to come across it merely the Australian Target kinda sucks. Oops!

Well, that's all for my remaining mid 2017 haul. Sorry for posting it together with thus late. But, cheers for keeping upwards amongst my bad fourth dimension management together with mood. See y'all on my side past times side post. Have a overnice day!!



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