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August is pop amongst celebrating independence day. I don’t know why at that spot are few countries that celebrate their independence twenty-four lx minutes menses inward August. Few examples are Singapore, South Korea, together with Switzerland. Republic of Indonesia also celebrate their independence twenty-four lx minutes menses on August. For some people who knows the struggle of beingness ruled past times other party, Indonesia’s history tin go a painful one. Getting our independence has shred blood, tears, together with sweats (like BTS’s song) of our founders together with heroes. That's why on this year’s Independence Day, I tried to brand a exceptional edition content. I visited historical places regarding the independence twenty-four lx minutes menses inward Jakarta. You tin checked the footage of my friends together with I visiting Proclamator Monument (Tugu Proklamasi) together with National Monument (MONAS).

I had therefore much fun visiting those places. My OOTD that twenty-four lx minutes menses was also matching amongst our country’s flag, blood-red together with white. I made “Kemerdekaan Fun Fact” o my video, promise it assistance the viewers to know a piffling chip of our history together with how smart is our firstly President. On this weblog post, I’m going to write to a greater extent than close the behind the scene of this go diary. So, watch my video to know what I’m talking about.

Actually, my friends together with I went to those places concluding year. I treated them a buffet tiffin every bit my birthday celebration concluding year. Since, nosotros are bored amongst our common hanging out activities, I advise them to see those places. Even though they alive inward Jakarta, they never went to Monas. I’ve been to Monas for several time, but I’ve never been to Taman Proklamasi. This thought came from an article I saw from an inflight periodical when I went to Jogja concluding year.

Since nosotros receive got tiffin inward Grand Republic of Indonesia Mall, going to those places are non far. After lunch, nosotros went to Taman Proklamator first. The commons is located on Jalan Proklamasi no.56. It used to go Jalan Pegangsaan Timur no.56, where Soekarno lived before. They demolished his solid together with made it into this park. Use Google Maps to honour this place. I’m non practiced inward giving direction amongst world carry inward Indonesia.

Mr. Soekarno, Republic of Indonesia firstly President

Mr. Mohamad Hatta, Republic of Indonesia firstly Vice President
Waited for some fourth dimension to larn this grouping photo
This volition happened if yous don't receive got your monopod
There weren’t a lot of people coming hither because this house is less pop than Monas. But, it’s prissy since nosotros tin receive got lots of photos without whatever photo-bomb together with expect also touristy. The downside is, when nosotros desire to receive got a grouping photo, nosotros took a long fourth dimension to inquire people passing past times to receive got painting for us. The best fourth dimension to see this commons is inward the morning time or around 4PM. We stayed for xl minutes. There weren’t much to create at that spot beside sightseeing or only to sat downwardly for relaxation. Maybe, yous should convey monopod to assistance yous receive got a grouping photograph if yous came here.

Then nosotros drove for 15-20 minutes to Monas from Taman Proklmator. Monas is the icon of Indonesia, specifically Jakarta. Soekarno himself initiated the structure of this icon. This monument is located strategically, inward the ticker of Jakarta. You tin come across it from the south, east, west, together with northward side. Soekarno himself intentionally build Monas on that specific location, because it is close the Istana Merdeka (President’s palace) together with other authorities offices. So, if yous larn to Monas, yous tin also see other attractions such as, National Museum, Cathedral, Istiqlal Mosque, Pasar Baru, Lapangan Banteng, Radio Republik Republic of Indonesia (the firstly radio inward Indonesia, also the i who spread the Independence tidings to the whole world!), Gambir Station, several shopping malls inward Jakarta, together with much more. You tin search the surrounding of Monas on Google Maps.

August is pop amongst celebrating independence twenty-four lx minutes menses BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; VISIT INDONESIA: Independence Day Specials!

Oh, at that spot is also double-deck autobus for sightseeing! AND information technology IS FREE! More information close the road tin go seen from here.

Since I’ve been to Monas few times, it isn’t a novel thing for me. But it is for my friends. Monas was nether renovation for few months earlier I came hither concluding year. Because this year, at that spot was an resultant for Countdown to Asian Games 2018 held on Monas on the 18th of August. That’s why they did some renovation. The i yous saw on my video was therefore much amend than earlier the renovation. Stalls together with nutrient courtroom are placed nicely BEFORE entering the Monas area. The expanse is quite big, therefore if yous desire to larn to the monument, yous should receive got the shuttle educate provided. Well, if yous want, yous tin walk, but I’m non certain yous volition create that because it is quite far together with hot. No affair what fourth dimension yous larn there, it volition go e'er HOT.

our form of grouping photo, girls vs boys
If yous desire to larn to the within of the monument, where at that spot is museum clandestine together with yous tin larn to the top of it, yous need to pay IDR 27,500 (adults) together with IDR 13,500 (kids). These cost is a full cost if yous desire to larn upward to the top. If not, yous solely need to pay 20,000 for adults or 10,000 for kids. The clandestine museum receive got air conditioner installed, therefore yous volition non experience also hot. But, on the 2d floor, where yous tin take heed the annunciation speech communication of Soekarno, at that spot doesn't receive got air conditioner. The expanse is also smaller than the clandestine museum.

Inside the museum, yous tin come across around 51 dioramas (a 3D display). Each diorama tells a unlike story but all of it are connected. From the firstly of human evolution till Indonesia’s development. You tin come across how painful Indonesia’s struggle to larn independence.

After strolling around the museum, nosotros went upstairs to larn to the “Ruang Kemerdekaan”. There, yous tin take heed Soekarno’s vocalism recording when he read the annunciation speech. Fyi, the infinite does non receive got AC, therefore yous won't remain long there. The recording plays every lx minutes from 9am to 5pm. When I went there, it was around 7pm, therefore at that spot is no recording. We only went through the room.

At the fourth dimension nosotros are waiting for the elevator to the cone, it was almost raining. At the fourth dimension nosotros are at the top, it was raining heavily. We couldn’t savor the skyline of Jakarta, because it was also crowded together with rainy. We went downwardly later few minutes. We waited for an lx minutes earlier nosotros decided to larn back. The pelting doesn’t halt for few hours. Andddd my friend only bought his novel shoes, therefore he doesn’t desire it gets wet. We waited until the pelting is less heavy. We waited for the educate shuttle together with therefore all of a abrupt the heavy pelting pour downwardly again. Entering the educate was also a struggle, nosotros receive got to struggle amongst other people who wants to ride the educate ASAP. My friends together with I were separated. Then later nosotros arrived, nosotros faced some other problem. We couldn’t come across the floor. It was flooding around an ankle-high. In the end, my friends receive got to take their shoes. LOL. We ran to the nutrient courtroom to launder our hands, but the H2O was therefore dirty. So nosotros ran to the car, role a lot of tissue together with moisture tissue to laid upward clean ourselves together with our shoes. It was a roller coaster ending of our twenty-four lx minutes menses trip. We finished our trip amongst a practiced McDonald repast to salve our stomach.

Do convey monopod together with receive got fun!

Nevertheless, it was i of the best twenty-four lx minutes menses trip I’ve done, because I tin portion the insights of Independence Day amongst my friends. Also, nosotros tried to larn rid the habit of spending coin to the mall or watching movie. Let’s endeavour to appreciate the pocket-size piffling things that are large inward value, similar visiting historical places close you. Get to know your Earth history together with experience proud close it. I promise yous enjoyed my Travel Diary together with behind the scene of it. Have a prissy day, all!


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