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Pergasingan Hill i of the most beautiful colina inwards Lombok Island. It is located inwards Sembalun Village, East Lombok amongst 1700 ASL altitude. It's gives you lot a best selection to view Rinjani when it is closed. The scenery of Rinjani mount from Pergasingan Hill is thence beautiful. By climbing less than iii hours, you lot tin view the panorama of Sembalun hamlet as well as Rinjani every bit the background from the overstep of the hill. Climbing this colina is i agency to create the ‘warming up’ to climb the rinjani mountain.

Pergasingan Hill has similar a shot buy the farm a Natural Park – TWA ( Taman Wisata Alam ) Pergasingan colina has many tourists visited past times local as well as international because the location is really interesting as well as incredible scenery tin locomote enjoyed inwards this mountain, ranging from camping ground ground, the beauty of the sunrise as well as sunset as well as are no longer overlooked stretch of frosting colors paddy fields as well as colorful villages volition e'er locomote remembered Sembalun dorsum inwards the visitors.

60% of visitors who come upward to these hills are high schoolhouse students as well as college students who convey wages of the weekend to preserve boredom inwards the city, inwards the hills because it is the exclusively i who answered the sense of boredom inwards the city, likewise the students also convey wages of this colina every bit a house of learning nearly the truthful nature, because inwards Pergasingan colina visitors tin notice thousands of species of flora as well as fauna, as well as it all functions for humans as well as the natural surroundings..!

Pergasingan Hill Pergasingan Hill Pergasingan Hill

Pergasingan Hill Program as well as Itinerary (2 Days 1 Night)

H5N1 2 days-one night, incredible sense over Pergasingan Hill close Sembalun Village as well as terminate inwards the waterfall Sajang hamlet E Lombok.

Itinerary :
Arrival solar daytime : Pick You upward at your arrival inwards Lombok Island, as well as thence transfer to Sembalun or Senaru, drive 2-3 hours past times private car. Checking-in inwards hotel inwards Sembalun or Senaru, as well as thence encounter your guide to acquire a curt briefing nearly your trip as well as walk to Sembalun Village to view Weaver making mitt weaving as well as climb Selong Hill for warming upward as well as thence dorsum to Hotel as well as fourth dimension for your ain leisure, (if you lot remain inwards Senaru, you lot tin see the 2 most spectacular waterfall inwards Lombok/Sindang gile as well as Tiu kelep waterfalls inwards Senaru village, Lombok).

Day 1
We welcome you lot to bring together our two–day stroll through the rice fields, to speak amongst the ranchers as well as delight inwards the landscape from the high gradient called Pergasingan.

The perspective from 637 m over the towns as well as fields of Sembalun Lawang as well as Sembalun Bumbung is of the superb display of the former caldera of Mt. Rinjani.

The projection for the walk incorporates; a clarification of the neighborhood tree species that prepare at dissimilar elevations as well as how these are utilized past times the nearby individuals for customary solutions, likewise how nosotros tin assist the neighborhood preservation assemble past times planting a few trees as well as types of orchids. We see the surface area where, every bit indicated past times legend, it was utilized past times the lord to play diversions of turning tops. Your aide as well as watchmen volition demonstrate to us to a greater extent than oft than non accepted methods to play the turning top. The overnight military camp territory is called Urat Batua where quite a piece prior the villagers used to supplicate earlier outset to chase wild deer. H5N1 profound pioneer volition supplicate as well as offering endowments to all the parts of the gathering earlier the watchmen as well as aide innovate the tents. This is an extraordinary spot to picket the nightfall as well as solar daytime intermission likewise view the summit inclines of Mt Rinjani as well as inaccessible heap of Agung on Bali.

After dim nosotros view the lights of Sembelia town as well as the far off port town of Labuhan Lombok. After supper nosotros are entertained past times our aide or doormen playing a resonant woodwind other than appreciating the ethereal tropical black heaven from around 1,773 m higher upward body of body of water level.

Day 2
After breakfast trek downwardly through the downpour woodland to Karya sub-town, the town of Sajang for around iii hours as well as thence view 7 wells (Sumur Tujuh), buy the farm into the woods over again to notice the Black Monkey (Ebony Leaf Monkey) other than heard the uproarious of a mixed purse of winged creatures furthermore dissimilar vegetation incorporates the flora for pharmaceutical for neighborhood individuals. Lunch inwards the backwoods as well as afterward that the walk proceeds for around 1.5 hours to the waterfall where, every bit indicated past times legend, the lord used to bathe his stallions. There volition locomote fourth dimension to investigate as well as appreciate the remain at the waterfall.

On the road dorsum stroll through the group’s arrangement, the aide volition clarify their traditions as well as customs of town life as well as how they assist their solar daytime past times solar daytime piece of occupation past times developing espresso, chocolate as well as vanilla and, contingent upon the season, you lot volition receive got the direct a opportunity to piece of occupation along them. At that dot a elementary stroll to investigate the foothills of the good of lava, Gunung (Mt) Rinjani where the grouping receive got their fields that are all the same cultivated to a greater extent than oft than non every bit their precursors did.

What is the includes on the toll package?
  • Pick upward from whatever location inside Lombok as well as transfer past times private vehicle to your hotel
  • Accommodation inwards a comfortable hotel inwards Senaru or Sembalun for i black prior to commencing your trek
  • Quality camping ground equipment: tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, privy tents as well as the world sheets
  • An experienced English linguistic communication speaking guide as well as professional person porters
  • Entrance fees to the national park
  • All meals, snacks as well as drinks during your trek
  • Transfer at the determination of your trek to your side past times side finish inside Lombok
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