Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Locomote Diary: Korea Wintertime Wonderland 2016 (Part 4)

Hi all! I experience therefore bad that this serial came upwards actually late. Maybe the side past times side go diary serial won’t last this long. Finally, this is the in conclusion purpose of my Korea Winter Wonderland! There are some exciting moments inwards my in conclusion days inwards Korea. So, if you lot are curious practice sentinel my travel diary video in addition to read the total story behind it downwards below.

P.S: All information close the trip volition last provided below the post.

Day Eight

"오서오십시오!" (Welcome!) said Ryan

Do you lot know Kakao Talk application? That application is the same amongst LINE, but Korean prefer using Kakao Talk than LINE. LINE has opened a store in addition to cafe where they sell merchandises amongst LINE Friends characters on it. Now, their competition opened upwards the same affair amongst the scream Kakao Friends Store in addition to Cafe. I’ve made a battle video close the 2 company, which volition last uploaded soon. *crossedfingers* 

Just trying to disturb Frodo who is reading a book.
We went to the Kakao Friends at Hongik University area. It was a huge 3-story store. We were welcomed past times a big cute Ryan. We walked unopen to the store for close iii hours in addition to nosotros went to the Ryan Cafe on the third floor. The store was therefore total of cute stuffs. By the way, in that location are lots of huge figurines throughout the store, therefore construct certain to snap a photograph amongst them! Even the Ryan Cafe was extremely cute! Ryan is my favorite character, past times the way. I don’t desire to dice domicile when I was there. By the way, they also a museum. But you lot receive got to majority it online.

Cute Pinky Apeach Showcase

The Ryan Cafe (3rd Floor)
Hot Grapefruit Tea, Cold Coffee Mocha, in addition to Ryan Cupcake
Look at his facee! By the way, the cream was yummy!
We started to explore Hongdae (the brusk for Hongik University) later nosotros finally larn out from Ryan cuteness. The weather condition was quite non on our side that day. It all of a precipitous rain, fifty-fifty though it was non a heavy rain, but it was actually non comfortable. We didn’t know that it volition rain, therefore nosotros receive got to purchase an umbrella. We practice some eye-shopping in addition to also existent shopping. I think beside Myungdong, Hongdae is also adept for shopping.

We ate our tardily lunch, early on dinner at a udon store that nosotros constitute out accidentally. It turned out that the eating seat is real prissy in addition to cheap! The eating seat scream is Katsu 33 (카츠 33). The cost for their nutrient is to a greater extent than oft than non 3300 KRW. I didn’t larn to characteristic it inwards the video because it was likewise hectic at that fourth dimension amongst the umbrella in addition to stuffs nosotros bought. 

Actually in that location are a lot to explore inwards Hongdae, but nosotros wander likewise far, therefore nosotros don’t larn to regard what nosotros wanted to regard inwards Hongdae. You should see it several times though. Hongdae is filled amongst cute cafes such equally bloom cafe, Canis familiaris cafe, truthful cat cafe, sheep cafe, fifty-fifty raccoon cafe! So, when you lot come upwards to Korea, practice see Hongdae.

As our feet brought us, nosotros saw a cute vintage cafe. The cafe’s scream is HohoMyol. The cafe has been featured equally a shooting location of Love Rain, which Jang Geunsuk in addition to Yoona starred in. The cafe is actually cute in addition to nosotros need something that warm us up, therefore nosotros entered the cafe. If you lot desire to come upwards here, you lot should hop off from Sangsu Station, because it is closer than you lot came from Hongik Univ. Station (the address is provided downwards below). When you lot opened the door, you lot tin regard the vintage Volkswagen van welcoming you. There is a tabular array in addition to chair within the van, therefore the guests tin sit down there. We actually wanted to sit down there, but at that fourth dimension in that location was a duet sitting there. The cafe is little but it was comfy in addition to the possessor slash barista was actually nice. Oh, past times the way, 1 someone should club 1 drink. The barista has won several barista competition, therefore it was legit. I recommend you lot to come upwards hither if you lot are close Hongdae. 

After a few hours, nosotros went dorsum to the Hongdae key area. We bought few things, similar a cap for my uncle, my mom’s energy cell case, in addition to Labiotte Wine Lipstick. Then, nosotros went dorsum home. We went domicile before than nosotros ordinarily do, because it was raining in addition to nosotros need to start for packing.

Day Nine

We started the twenty-four hr catamenia amongst breakfast at the most famous marketplace inwards Korea! We went to Gwangjang Market in addition to tried the traditional street nutrient equally our breakfast menu. Actually, nosotros tried to dice in that location on our commencement day, but nosotros could reveal the way. We were lost cheers to Google Maps navigation in addition to for non knowing the surface area well. The twenty-four hr catamenia before, nosotros went out amongst my aunt to purchase some fruits in addition to veggie for our dinner. At that time, nosotros saw the Gwangjang Market ! So, nosotros constitute out the way past times ourselves accidentally. LOL.

Actually, I don’t actually know close the marketplace in addition to for the past times seven years I’ve never visited that market. The marketplace has dice famous through Running Man. Even nosotros tried the same nutrient in addition to store that the members went to. Our commencement course of written report is mini kimbab that Yoo Jaesuk ate. The 2nd 1 is trying Mung-bean Pancake. Lastly, nosotros ate Korean cut-noodles soup (칼국수) amongst Dumplings. I prefer this type of noodles rather than the smaller one. I tin say, it is similar amongst udon type in addition to ramen type. I prefer udon noodles rather than ramen. Even though the soup are pretty similar. (foods tin last seen on my video, sentinel it here.)

While nosotros were eating, in that location were bunch of people coming from the entrance to the stall across us. And those people are the cast in addition to staff production of Mr. House Husband. It was 1 of KBS multifariousness program, that the hubby has to accept attention the household. They are buying some groceries equally good equally trying the street food. I don’t scream back their names, but 1 of them is an announcer in addition to the other 1 is an actor.
The 1 inwards the blood-red circle was the KBS Announcer
After filling upwards our tummy, nosotros went to Sinchon. Sinchon is actually close to Ehwa University, it is also a small-scale “playground”. The argue nosotros went to this surface area is to sentinel a motion-picture present that has the actors on it greet the viewers, good inwards Korea the effect is called 무대 인사 read equally mudae-insa (stage-greeting). The motion-picture present nosotros sentinel is a motion-picture present starred past times Kang Dongwon, Lee Byunghun, Hong Jiwon, in addition to Kim Woobin. The championship is Master. It was a fun movie, fifty-fifty though it involved few activeness scene in addition to spying in addition to detective form of story. We sentinel the motion-picture present without subtitle, but nosotros empathize the motion-picture present clearly! It way that the motion-picture present is real tardily to empathize in addition to the story business is light. I recommend you lot to sentinel this motion-picture present for several reasons. The commencement 1 is, this motion-picture present included iii handsome actors (read: KANG DONG WON IS DAMN HANDSOME AND COOL!). Second, the story business is real tardily to follow. Lastly, you lot tin regard Kim Woobin’s comical side. He is therefore cute! We e'er regard the masculine in addition to serious side of him, but inwards this motion-picture present he portray the immature vibe actually well. FYI, Kim Woobin has been diagnosed amongst cancer. So, I would similar to pray for his speedy recovery through my writing in addition to video close him. Don't lady friend out the existent province of affairs on my YouTube channel

The effect was held at several cinemas only, therefore my friend in addition to I search on the meshing where they held the event. I’ve tried booking it online, but it was all sold out. So, amongst a heavy heart, I’m simply trying to dice the painting palace in addition to regard them from afar. But, when nosotros arrived in addition to travail to purchase the show, the cashier told me that in that location is some other schedule that also receive got that event. So, nosotros bought the ticket for 6,000 KRW each to regard the handsome guys!

Before watching the movie, nosotros went to Meme Box inwards Sinchon. Mostly they sell diverse of brands like, Pony Effect, Nooni, I’m Meme, etc. Before, their specialty is the subscription box in addition to I’ve e'er wanted to purchase their subscription boxes, but I've never bought it yet. But, it is e'er prissy to see cosmetic shops inwards Korea. To reveal Meme Box, all you lot need is to spot the pinkish wall. 

After the movie, nosotros searched through the MRT station, but nosotros ended upwards at Ehwa University surface area again. So, nosotros took our snack at Popeyes, in addition to then nosotros stroll unopen to Ehwa surface area for the in conclusion time, in addition to then off to Gangnam to regard my other friends.

At Gangnam, nosotros ate Korean BBQ that nosotros constitute accidentally, because the eating seat nosotros supposed to dice was closed. The BBQ eating seat was featured quite a lot on TV shows, therefore it was a legit restaurant. But, I’m sad I didn’t scream back the scream because nosotros were likewise happy to regard each other later a year.

After dinner, nosotros went to Mango Six. I’ve e'er wanted to dice in that location since it was featured inwards the drama “Gentlemen’s Dignity”, but I’ve never receive got fourth dimension to dice to Gangnam area. So, equally some of you lot receive got predicted, I ordered the Coconut Mango Juice, the most famous drinkable of all. I alive inwards tropical country, where coconuts in addition to mangoes are easily found, but I’ve never drinkable something similar that. I actually liked it! You should come upwards to Mango Six for once.

After the store closed, nosotros went dorsum home. On our way home, nosotros forgot which leave of absence should nosotros go. LOL. That dark the air current was quite stiff too. So, it was a dumbest affair we’ve ever done inwards our trip.

Day Ten

Since, nosotros arrived domicile late, nosotros woke upwards quite late. We receive got a coming together amongst my friend inwards the morning, since it was our in conclusion twenty-four hr catamenia together. After a rush preparation, nosotros went to supermarket to purchase some snacks. After 1,5 hours of shopping, which the in conclusion xxx minutes were searching for taxi, nosotros finally went dorsum home. I experience non therefore good that day, because nosotros haven’t swallow yet in addition to it was SNOWING for the commencement time, therefore the mutual frigidity breeze makes me real uncomfortable.

But thankfully, later a few trips to toilet, I’m finally better. Then, I rushed out to regard my friends. We ate our luncheon close DDP at a Budae-jjigae eating seat (Nolbu Budae-jjigae). Budae-jjigae is a stew amongst diverse of toppings such as, noodles, sausages, ddeok or rice cake, fish cake, etc. The nutrient came from the regular army troops, that’s why it was called Budae. It was my commencement fourth dimension in addition to it was a prissy meal. Then nosotros off to DDP to custom-made a telephone case. We customized our example at SM Entertainment’s shop, SUM. I chose the fellow member of SHINee, Choi Minho, patch my friend chose EXO’s. I’ve characteristic my customized telephone example on my Korea Winter Haul video (watch it here).

After that, nosotros went to Myungdong to purchase my mom’s stuffs in addition to few materials that I should purchase summation I receive got some other coming together amongst my friend. We were attracted past times the seller of Korean traditional snack, the Dragon Breath. You should regard how attractive it was on my video (watch it here).

We receive got our dinner at Gangnam Myeonok again. I’ve mentioned this eating seat on my Korea go diary in conclusion Apr (read it here or sentinel it here). The weather condition was quite crazy at night, but I receive got to demeanour it because it was my in conclusion dark inwards Korea.

Our flying dorsum to Republic of Indonesia was the side past times side day. There was a picayune drama on our flying dorsum to Indonesia. But, I don’t desire to tell it because my pump breaks every fourth dimension I scream back it. 

Huge Chocolate Pie (Choco pie to the side past times side level)
I bought this chocolate pie when I went to DDP on my real in conclusion day. This choco pie was amazing! It sense of savour actually good. I don't know if they yet sell it on DDP or not, because at that fourth dimension they were having a bazaar. Do banking venture tally out DDP if you lot came to Korea. I dearest this identify therefore much equally much equally I dearest Myeongdong!

So, give cheers you lot for reading my weblog in addition to keeping upwards to the in conclusion part. I’ll postal service upwards something novel equally presently equally possible. Love you lot guyss! Have a prissy day!


Kakao Friends

Address: 162 Yanghwa-ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82 2-6010-0104


How to larn there: Take MRT to Hongik University Station, leave of absence 2 (across the street) or 8 (then, you lot exclusively need to dice straight).

Katsu 33

Address: 2nd floor, 360-24 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82 70-4423-0077

Website: (Korean)

How to larn there: Take MRT to Sangsu Station, leave of absence 2. Then dice straight. It is a few shops behind HohoMyoll cafe.

HohoMyoll (호호미욜)

Address: 93-44, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82 2-322-6473

Website: -

How to larn there: Take MRT to Sangsu Station, leave of absence 2. Then you lot exclusively need to dice straightaway for close 200m. The cafe is on your right.

Gwangjang Market

Address: 88 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno 1(il).2(i).3(sam).4(sa), Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Website: (Korean)

How to larn there: You tin accept Jongno 5-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), leave of absence 8 or Euljiro 4-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 5), leave of absence 4. 
Sinchon Megabox

Sinchon Megabox

Address: xxx Sinchonnyeok-ro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (5th floor).

Phone: +82 1544-0600


How to larn there: It’s quite difficult to explicate the way, but this is how to larn in that location given past times Visit Korea. Take MRT to Ewha Woman’s Univ. Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 2, in addition to then you lot need v minutes walk. Or accept to Sinchon Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 3, in addition to then you lot dice for 8 infinitesimal walk.

Memebox (Sinchon Branch)


How to larn there: Take MRT to Sinchon Station, leave of absence 3. Then you lot dice straightaway in addition to regard the hot pinkish wall on your correct side. By the way, I’m non certain that Memebox are yet opening their offline store or not, because I searched on their website they receive got changed their concept.

Mango Six (Sinsa Branch)

Phone: +82 3443-0424


How to larn there: Take MRT to Sinsa Station, leave of absence 1. Then you lot receive got to walk for 100 thousand straight.

P.S: This branch is non the primary branch or the shooting location for Gentlemen’s Dignity nor The Heirs.

Nolbu Budae-jjigae

Address: 18-103 Euljiro 6 (yuk)-ga, 2nd Floor

Phone: +82 2264-1669

Website: -

How to larn there: Take MRT to Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, leave of absence xiii or 14. The eating seat is located behind Hello APM, close Aritaum store.


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