Bestplacetovisitinindonesia; Lombok Cultural Tips

Here the trivial tips that you lot should to know field on vacation inwards Lombok (Indonesia). Just cheque the listing below what should you lot create in addition to not.

 Here the trivial tips that you lot should to know field on vacation inwards Lombok  BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; Lombok Cultural Tips

  • Smile in addition to greet people, peculiarly elders.
  • Shake hands, gently.
  • Accept hospitality in addition to food. You create non withdraw maintain to consume in addition to drink, exactly it is polite to ACCEPT.
  • Say goodbye in addition to give cheers you lot when you lot leave.
  • Dress modestly. Women should cash inwards one's chips along upper arms in addition to thighs covered.
  • Bend downwards in addition to walk unopen to seated people when you lot ask to pass.
  • Use exclusively your correct manus to consume in addition to to manus objects or coin to someone.
  • Be certain to sit down at the same score equally other people.
  • Wear a sarong when entering the identify of Melokaq (Adat leader) in addition to when participating inwards ritual in addition to adat ceremonies.

  • Enter houses, edifice or hamlet without beingness invited.
  • Wear shoes within a house.
  • Point at people alongside your finger. Don’t always purpose your human foot to quest at objects or people.
  • Point the bottom of your feet direct at people whilst sitting on the floor.
  • Touch anyone’s head.
  • Step over people or nutrient on the floor.
  • Eat alongside your left hand, or purpose your left manus to give or convey objects or money.
  • Raise your voice, peculiarly inwards anger.


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