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I’m distressing of a abrupt I went MIA. It happened because my MacBook got broken together with it has balance inward peace now. Before, the VGA got broken together with I’ve repaired it. The technician said it wouldn’t go the same anymore together with it volition go easily got broken. But, I never though it would go this soon. I only repaired it on Jan together with it got broken on March. Thankfully, my difficult disk was safe, hence the files I receive got within are perfectly there. Since, Apple has its ain operating system, I couldn’t opened upwards my difficult disk amongst whatever other laptop, hence I receive got to hold off until I receive got a novel MacBook.

So yeah, I should receive got sell my MacBook later on I repaired it. I learned my lesson now. I didn’t purchase the novel MacBook Touch Bar thingie because it is damn expensive together with Apple removed all the basic features, such every bit the CD-Room, usb-port, etc. And, I dislike the keyboard of all novel MacBook. So, I bought the Retina Display i every bit it is nonetheless the closest to my quondam MacBook together with I liked the keyboard. Please go overnice to me, okay? Thank you lot to my MacBook Pro for the past times half dozen years, I couldn’t go hither right similar a shot without you lot though.

Okay, plenty amongst my curt floor behind my MIA. I’ll proceed to ship the delayed posts. Thank you lot for everyone who read my spider web log together with scout my videos. I appreciate it hence much! Love you lot all!!!

So, this spider web log is to a greater extent than oft than non nearly the products that I bought from my finally wintertime trip to Korea. I volition non explained it likewise much, because it volition go a long i together with all of the review of each production tin go seen inward my video. Watch it here.

Few things I desire to highlight are the Innisfree Always New Auto Liner together with No Sebum Mineral Powder, Son together with Park Beauty Water, Wake Make Skinny Lip Crayon, Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo together with Color Contour, Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit, together with Labiotte Wine Lipstick.

Innisfree Always New Auto Liner

The showtime fourth dimension I knew this production was from Ssinnim (a Korean Beauty Blogger). Since, I receive got a lot of that type of eyeliner, hence I bought a pinkish color, which functioned every bit a lip liner. I similar the thought of it volition e'er sharp. Whenever, you lot unopen the lid together with plough it some together with you lot volition listen a click sound, together with hence your liner volition hold off new. I establish it is interesting since you lot don’t postulate to manually sharpened it. I haven’t tried the production yet, but I’m genuinely excited to endeavor it soon. The toll is nearly $10 (9,000 KRW) for 0.3 g worth of product. I intend it is nonetheless worth it. Buy it here.
 It happened because my MacBook got broken     together with it has balance inward peace similar a shot BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; Korean Hauls (Winter 2016)

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

I know I’m belatedly to endeavor this product. But, I’m hence thankful that I was reminded every fourth dimension I watched the beauty contributor some the meshing to endeavor this. Because this production is magic together with a life saver. Actually, I don’t genuinely receive got an oily skin, but at some days it became oily. Since, I vesture sunscreen everyday, at some days my human face upwards looks super oily. Thanks to this product, my human face upwards looks super normal together with it feels soft. It feels similar a babe skin. I genuinely desire all of you lot occupation this affordable mattifying (?) powder. It cost some $7 (6,000 KRW). Buy it here.

Son together with Park Beauty Water

Few months ago, I watched Happy Together (KBS TV Program) where Son together with Park came every bit a guest. Son together with Park is a ii famous Korean makeup artist. They genuinely a rival, but also best friends. Their existent names are Son Daesik together with Park Taeyun. Their living sheet are famous artists like, Jun Ji Hyun (actress), Sandara Park (k-pop girlband), SISTAR (k-pop girlband), together with many more. So, they collaborate to create a beauty line. Their most famous production would belike this beauty water. Beauty H2O is genuinely a toner, which also deed every bit a micellar cleansing water. What I genuinely liked nearly this production is some to a greater extent than than 90% the ingredients are natural. It also smells skilful since at that spot are a lot of flowers extract. I intend their construct is to a greater extent than to the higher-end toll side, but I got this production inward a promotion, hence I bought it to endeavor it. I bought this production some 25,000 KRW together with got a 60ml i for free. Buy it here.

Wake Make Skinny Lip Crayon

While walking some Olive Young, I saw a motion-picture exhibit of Yubin from Wonder Girls using this lip crayon. She was i time appeared inward “Get it Beauty” together with she demonstrated her speciality make-up. My friend that I go amongst is a lip production junkie. She genuinely liked buying lip products. I ended upwards buying too. We both bought the same color every bit Yubin’s. I don’t genuinely occupation ruby color much, but I intend I postulate a ruby lip liner, hence I bought it. The color reward is pretty skilful together with it stays quite a long time. Buy it here.

Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo

Finally, I receive got a contouring products inward my makeup collection. I never tried contouring earlier inward my makeup routine. I intend this production is skilful for beginner similar me, because it is tardily to blend together with hold off natural. I bought inward color #2. It cost 12,000 KRW, but I got discount at that time, hence it is quite inexpensive. Buy it here.

Etude House Play 101 Stick Color Contour Duo

Beside its cute packaging, they e'er receive got an innovative products also. They innovate contouring amongst color rather than brownish color. We know color correcting products such as, purple, green, blue, etc. So, this stick is used to right the color of our peel earlier using foundation. Because this is a stick, hence it tin comprehend specific spots. I didn’t genuinely know how it plant when I bought it, hence I only bought i stick out of three. When I watched the tutorials, most of it using the iii of it. Every stick has specific function, hence if you lot desire to purchase it construct certain to know which color suits you. This production cost the same amongst the contour duo. Buy it here.

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit

I finally acquire it why Chinese bought this production inward large quantity. The showtime fourth dimension I used it, it genuinely pulls out the whiteheads. I volition definitely repurchase this production if I become to Korea again. I genuinely recommend this, fifty-fifty though it is quite takes some time. Every steps takes some xv minutes, hence you lot mightiness postulate 45 minutes at to the lowest degree to practice this. Buy it here.

Labiotte Wine Lipstick

I’m e'er amazed amongst how fast trends happened inward Korea. I e'er establish novel products, innovation, brands, together with many to a greater extent than whenever I came to Korea. This fourth dimension I establish out nearly this brand, Labiotte. They create products amongst vino every bit the principal ingredients. It is quite unique together with the colors they receive got were pretty together with many. The packaging also inward a sort of vino bottle, hence cute! Buy it here.

Other products I bought (photos together with links):

Etude House 

Buy it here.

Buy it here.


Eco Fragrance Sheet - tin go bought at Innisfree Green Cafe

Natural Eyelashes - I can't notice the website that sell this

Buy it here.
Buy it here.
Olive Young

Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here.
There is i affair that I didn't include inward the video, which is Tangle Teezer Hairbrush. I bought it for my mom because it has a Hello Kitty on it. But, I establish out that inward Sephora Indonesia, they sell it likewise amongst cheaper price. So, my mom bought it also together with the i I bought inward Korea is for me. I genuinely liked this brush. It does polish out my pilus together with it less damaging than my common brush. This i is also my favorite production that I bought.

Holika Holika

Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it here

Cute gift from Holika Holika

It's a pocket-size blanket!

Tony Moly

Buy the Peach Hand Cream here

Buy it here

It is genuinely the swatches of the contour, but it didn't showed upwards good on my camera.
Thank you lot hence much for reading. I promise you lot tin endeavor the K-beauty hype amongst these products I bought together with tried. If you lot receive got whatever question, only go out a comment downwardly below or contact me on my social media. Wishing you lot a beautiful day! See you lot soon! (Travel Diary serial volition go coming upwards soon!)

P.S: I apologized for at that spot are several photos that are non focus together with doesn't receive got the same size. All photos are mine together with photographed past times myself.

 It happened because my MacBook got broken     together with it has balance inward peace similar a shot BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; Korean Hauls (Winter 2016)


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