Can Yous Convey Civet Equally Pet?

It seems that the response is yes.
I took this video inwards a modest cafe inwards Tanah Lot temple. The Cafe. The possessor has several civet cats inwards his cafe. I stopped to convey a aspect amongst my clients.
The civets are quite tame in addition to quite comfortable roughly people. One of the civet played amongst the lady who catch the shop. But amongst the owner, he is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than relax.
Having a civet every bit a pet is non mutual inwards Bali. So, at that spot is non plenty storey or especial to nation virtually how they mightiness behave. One of the mutual storey that people need heed inwards Bali is that civet similar to bag petty chicks from farm area.
If you lot encounter, domesticated civet inwards Bali, you lot tin sack play amongst them if you lot like. But it is non plenty especial or storey that I heard virtually how they demeanor every bit a pet. Not that I know.
So, delight live on careful inwards treatment the civets. They may demeanor non every bit nosotros expect.

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