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 Lombok geographically is almost the same size equally Bali together with BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; About Lombok
Geography & Climate
Lombok isle is located due east of Bali. Lombok geographically is almost the same size equally Bali and, simply equally at that topographic point are pop tourist areas on Bali, together with thus Lombok offers a diverseness of destinations to adjust unlike holidaymakers' tastes. Tropical climate amongst warm together with humid conditions all yr round. Temperature arrive at from 21 Celsius to 32 Celsius. Wet flavor starts from Nov to May together with dry out flavor kickoff from May-October. The best fourth dimension to come upwards is inward the calendar month of May when the conditions is simply perfect amongst brilliant daylight together with light-green scenery.
People & Religion
Population is near 2,5 million. The local inhabitants of Lombok are called Sasaks who brand upwards 70% of the population are the predominant grouping amongst Balinese, Chinese, Arabian, together with Javanese together with other ethnics groups making upwards the rest. Bahasa Republic of Indonesia is the National Language, but English linguistic communication is widely spoken.
Lombok has iii principal districts amongst iii majuscule cities: Mataram inward the west, Praya inward fundamental together with Selong inward due east Lombok. The bulk of commerce is inward the majuscule metropolis of Mataram inward W Lombok.
Islam is the bulk religion, but all other religions are adept freely. Every Fri or together with thus 12.30 noon, Muslims become to the mosques simply similar Christians become to church building on Sunday.

 Lombok geographically is almost the same size equally Bali together with BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; About Lombok If y'all are planning on traveling or together with thus the isle together with visiting pocket-sized villages it is to a greater extent than respectable to have on slacks or knee articulation length shorts, a shirt amongst sleeves or a sarong. If y'all happened to hold upwards hither during Ramadan, which is the Muslim calendar month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, delight do non to eat, potable or smoke out inward the opened upwards populace during this calendar month long fast. Even though the people don’t appear bothered inward the mutual tourist areas like, Senggigi together with the Gili islands, it is meliorate to honor the people together with non swallow or smoke openly.
Wetu Telu
Wetu telu is an unique organized faith that that blends Islam - Animism together with is alone institute inward northward Lombok. It roots stalk from the hamlet of Bayan inward the north. The people who do this yet see themselves Muslims but they receive got their ain rituals inward improver to the normal Muslim ones. One such ceremony is Nyiu, that takes house grand days afterward mortal dies. The relatives of the deceased offering stuff things similar clothing, toothbrushes, food, dishes, mattresses, etc. together with thus the deceased volition hold upwards pleased inward heaven.
Money & Local Currencies
When changing money at that topographic point are many money changers inward Lombok. The best rates are ordinarily inward Senggigi. Money changers prefer new, laid upwards clean large bills together with volition receive got smaller denominations at a lower rate. If y'all receive got traveler’s checks the charge per unit of measurement volition hold upwards less than banking concern notes.

Be certain to count your money earlier y'all piece of job out money changers. You tin also banking concern friction match local banks but the charge per unit of measurement is slightly lower than outside. Re-count the money inward forepart of the money changer reception is a must, equally ordinarily there's a quick tricky agency how they tin steal your money. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 proposition when changing money. If y'all computer program on making pocket-sized purchases hold upwards certain to comport pocket-sized denominations amongst y'all because many sellers do non receive got change. The Rupiah come upwards inward denominations of 100,000, 50,000, 10,000, 5,000, 1,000, together with 500, 100 inward coin.

 Lombok geographically is almost the same size equally Bali together with BestplacetovisitinIndonesia; About Lombok
Things To Take Back Home
Wanting to convey dorsum something from Lombok? Lombok has bang-up woven textiles similar songkets together with ikats that tin hold upwards used equally a sarong, wall hanging, tabular array textile together with more. The blueprint woven is particular to each weaver together with it is passed downwards through the generations before. There is a traditional mitt weaving hamlet inward Puyung, fundamental Lombok. You tin fifty-fifty endeavor on a traditional Sasak costume.

Banyumulek (West Lombok), Penujak (Central Lombok) together with Masbagik (East Lombok) are famous villages inward Lombok for making pottery. Lombok pottery has gained popularity together with is shipped throughout the world. There is a broad arrive at of selections together with it tin custom made to your liking. We promise to prepare the economic scheme of the expanse yesteryear straight run into them amongst serious buyer from all over the world.

There are many traditional handicrafts y'all could convey dorsum equally a souvenir i.e. wooden masks, baskets made out of ketak grass, wooden boxes designed amongst bits of shells, or other things made from bamboo or rattan.

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