Visiting Tegenungan Waterfall Inwards Gianyar Bali

Tegenungan waterfall is located inward Gianyar regency, but about the pop house of Ubud.  Here is my video when I took some clients to the waterfall.

The ticket terms at the fourth dimension of this video is rp 10,000. The route  to the persuasion of the waterfall is quite tardily to walk. The locals inward this hamlet are serious to construct a meliorate route in addition to path that it is tardily for the visitors to come.

Toilets are available later on yous walk transcend the ticket booth. Some shops that sells souvenirs in addition to cafe  for drinkable are available.

If yous but would similar to persuasion in addition to to direct maintain photograph from a far, yous tin produce that from a persuasion point. The persuasion quest is genuinely a cafe/warung but past times the road. Walk two minutes from the ticket booth, in addition to yous volition larn inward at the persuasion point.

If yous would similar to larn closer to the waterfall, hence from the persuasion quest yous tin walk downward to the river where the waterfall is located. The are steps going down. You volition pass nearly around five minutes walking downward nearly 150 steps. Next, yous volition honour yourself walking at the riverbank.
Walking along the banking concern is easy. Just larn out along walking for five minutes, in addition to yous volition larn inward at the waterfall.

You tin but direct maintain photos here. You tin also larn moisture similar the locals. In the afternoon, yous tin run across local kids play inward the waterfall. Sometime they volition larn upward to the cliff nigh the waterfall, in addition to jump to the H2O from the higher ground.

You tin also climb to the cliff in addition to hence walk closer to the falling water. Feel the sensation here. It is something to remember.

There are many waterfalls to view inward Bali. Some of the most pop is located inward Gitgit, for illustration the: Multi-tiered waterfall inward Gitgit village.


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