Easy Path To Multi-Tiered Waterfall Inward Gitgit

There are around waterfalls inwards Gitgit village. If you've been there, likely you lot accept visited the original waterfall where everybody goes. The multi-tiered  waterfall inwards Gitgit hamlet North Bali, is the less visited waterfall, exactly it does non hateful it is non a bang-up house to visit. Check the video, you lot volition honor it quite interesting.

Gitgit hamlet is located inwards northward Bali. If you lot direct house to go to Lovina Beach inwards North Bali, passing Ulun Danu temple, toward Singaraja, you lot volition run past times this village. Maybe you lot volition fifty-fifty destination inwards this hamlet too destination at i of the waterfall. The multi-tiered waterfall is the minute waterfall you lot volition come across spell driving from South Bali.

The path is to waterfall is slow to walk on. There are non actually whatever stairs on the path similar the other waterfall. So, almost of the visitors volition honor it slow to larn there.

You volition cross a bridge, too thence walk on the river bank, too drib dead along to the modest opened upward edifice inwards the river where you lot tin move larn the best persuasion of the waterfall.

Here is the map.

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