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Blanco Renaissance Museum

Famous for his fantasy portraits of Beautiful Women, Anotonio Blanco, was captivated past times the Island of Bali. Take a stroll throughout the gardens of the Blanco museum in addition to yous volition witness women wondering the garden inwards traditional Balinese clothing carrying bloom in addition to palm leafage offerings.

Inside, a stunning unfinished slice of operate all the same stands inwards the artists undisturbed studio. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 rare glimpse into Balinese life, the museum features a gallery of the plant of Antonio Blanco. Witness the studio in addition to gardens in addition to refresh inwards the museum cafe. Don't forget to hit got a memento alongside yous every bit the gift store offers handmade artifacts in addition to lithographs available for purchase.

Museum Puri Lukisan

Ubud's get-go museum, the Museum Puri Lukisan features treasures of Balinese art. Encompassing plant of brahman artists to sanur paintings the plant display the varied styles of Balinese art. Exhibitions characteristic paintings, erstwhile main drawings, woods carvings in addition to much more.

If fourth dimension allows the museum offers workshops that volition live on an sense yous are certain to remember, offering includes traditional arts every bit painting, woods carving, flute playing, shadow puppets in addition to dance. Be certain to catch the Museum Puri Lukisan on your side past times side trip to Ubud.

Neka Art Museum

Suteja Neka, a Balinese teacher, was a collector of Balinese fine art that was inspired past times the Balinese people, civilization in addition to natural beauty. The Neka Art Museum highlights the history in addition to evolution of Balinese civilization in addition to artworks from merely about the globe that are inspired past times natural beauty.

The Neka Art Museum provides a sense of worlds past, acquaint in addition to future. The museum features historical paintings too every bit plant of fine art past times contemporary artists.

ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art)

A ease betwixt human being in addition to environment, the ARMA is a blend of art, architecture, lifestyle in addition to culture. The museum features traditional Balinese paintings too every bit modern Indonesian paintings in addition to unusual plant of art. ARMA is situated amid vi hectares of exquisite Balinese gardens.

The surroundings is elegant, tranquil in addition to serene. More than a Museum ARMA is a resort in addition to offers visitors a eating seat featuring iced tea in addition to Balinese cuisine. Further your cultural immersion past times joining 1 of the workshops, classes, or indulging inwards their spa therapy.

The Rudana

Developed alongside a comprehensive paradigm, Rudana Museum was developed to comprise the profane philosophy (holy) where each building

symbolizes human devotion to God the mighty Creator.

The profane spatial construction was created past times its Founder, Nyoman Rudana alongside the concept of Tri Hita Karana. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 spirit of Unity inwards Diversity accompany the smiles at Rudana.

The Rudana fine fine art gallery is the almost comprehensive fine fine art gallery inwards Bali in addition to is a must visit. The collection contains over 8,000 impressive fine art works. Take image lessons from museum artists or stroll the placidity of the grounds.

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