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Pontianak famous equatorial line. This metropolis has croak ane of the regions of the world through which the imaginary describe that divides the world into 2 parts, due north too south. To strengthen the predicate equally the Equator, inwards Pontianak established a monument correct inwards locations suspected equally the midline of the earth.

In addition, Pontianak also traversed past times 2 rivers, namely Sungai Kapuas River too Porcupine. Both rivers accept fifty-fifty depicted inwards the logo of the city. Not solely pop to the equator too Kapuasnya River, the metropolis also has many tourist attractions to hold upward proud. Here are 10 attractions inwards Pontianak which could hold upward a alternative of your vacation destination:

1. Keraton Kadriah

Built inwards 1771 past times Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie which is the get-go sultan of the Sultanate of Pontianak, located inwards Jalan Sultan Kadriah Tritura, Pontianak. The edifice is dominated past times xanthous too made of woods purchases, timber inwards Borneo, known equally ironwood because of its strength.

In the yard, in that location are relics of ancient cannons Japanese too Portuguese. While inwards the building, y'all tin encounter the sultan's throne too the queen, consummate amongst photographs, wearable sultan too diverse other collections belonging to the sultan. One of the unique collection is a handwritten Koran itself past times Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie.

2. Sultan Batulayang Tomb

This tourist spot is the cemetery vii Pontianak sultan too his family. The principal tomb hither of class the tomb of the get-go sultan, Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie, who was inwards a room correct inwards the middle of the complex too shaped similar a small-scale bunker. The entrance for pilgrims made depression thus they accept to stoop when signed equally a tribute to the sultan.

Outside the complex, in that location is a mound of stones that are colored green. Stone is called an batulayang. This cemetery is located most 2 km from the Equator Monument. To come upward inwards here, y'all are free.

3. Jami Pontianak Mosque

This mosque is also known equally Masjid Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman. Together amongst the palace, the mosque becomes a witness to the origins of the metropolis of Pontianak. The four-storey roof of the mosque too included the 4 principal pillars of woods purchases amongst a diameter of 0.5 meters. In addition, the mosque tin suit 1,500 worshipers is made inwards the mode of houses on stilts to avoid flooding during the Kapuas River overflowed.

Pontianak Jami Masjid located most 200 meters from the palace Kadriah. Once out of the mosque, y'all tin halt past times the traditional markets located on the left side of the entrance of the mosque. In this market, y'all tin purchase fresh fish from the Kapuas River.

4. Khatulistiwa Monument

Here it is the monument that became the pride of the citizens of Pontianak, Equator Monument. This tourist spot is located most 3 km from the metropolis center. The principal monument is composed of 4 pillars of woods purchases, the 2 pillars of the bring upward pillar is higher than the front. In addition, in that location is an inscription EVENAAR betwixt the 2 bring upward pillars.

Here in that location is a museum that contains data most the imaginary describe of the earth. There is also a souvenir store selling miniature Equator Monument. To larn into these places, y'all are free. But if y'all desire to larn a certificate signed proof of a view past times the mayor of Pontianak, y'all must pay 10,000 Rupiah.

The best fourth dimension to view tourist attractions inwards London are the most pop on March 21 to 23 or 21 to 23 September. At that time, in that location was a natural phenomenon where the Sun was necessitate inwards a higher identify the equator thus that all the objects that are inwards a higher identify this describe volition non accept a shadow.

5. Betang Radakng House

Betang Radakng is a replica of the traditional describe of piece of occupation solid of Dayak inwards West Kalimantan which was constructed past times the metropolis authorities inwards Jalan Sultan Sjahrir, Kota Baru, Pontianak. H5N1 mainstay attractions of this metropolis authorities won a tape equally the longest custom homes inwards Indonesia. The length of this describe of piece of occupation solid arrive at 138 meters amongst a width of v meters too a meridian of 7 meters.

This describe of piece of occupation solid has a characteristic form of a long stilt house. More describe of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement members thus the length of the describe of piece of occupation solid betang because Dayak pick out to alive amongst all his describe of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement members inwards the home.

Betang consists of 3 parts, namely a patio or Pante, entrance hall infinite which is used to get together the whole describe of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement too sleeping infinite or sleeping room which is a private infinite each family.
Betang Radakng government-made is made of ironwood too decorated amongst carvings too paintings of typical Dayak. At for sure moments, the describe of piece of occupation solid was used equally a trip the calorie-free fantastic practise danpertunjukan other arts.

6. Garden Square 'Kapuas'

The existence of the Kapuas River tin non hold upward separated from the lives of the citizens of Pontianak. In improver to beingness H2O carry lines, river banks is also used equally a recreational commons for the family. Tourist attractions inwards Pontianak which are visited on the afternoon too level is inwards front end of the mayor's office.

3-hectare commons features replicas of the Equator Monument at ane corner. In addition, in that location are plenty of benches that y'all tin role to relax piece enjoying the culinary offerings that are sold approximately the site.

7. Aloe Vera Center

Aloe Vera Center is where the tillage of aloe vera works life which is located inwards Jalan Budi Utomo, Siantan Hulu, North Pontianak. From Terminal Kapuas, y'all tin ride populace shipping subdivision Siantan Hilir.

Here, y'all tin uncovering aloe vera amongst giant size. Just imagine, every pelepahnya tin weigh 1.2 kg. You tin also encounter the processing of this works life into a diversity of foods such equally dodol, sweets too flour. In addition, aloe vera is also processed into cream for the skin.

Before going home, y'all tin also purchase a diversity of refined products was equally souvenirs for friends too describe of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement at home.

8. Pasir Panjang Beach

The beach is located inwards District Seventeen or approximately 17 km from the metropolis Singkawang. Typical beach scenery y'all tin encounter here, the white sand, clear bluish H2O too a row of trees inwards the vicinity. If y'all sit down dorsum too relax only is non plenty for you, delight play volleyball, swimming, line-fishing or surfing here.

Amenities at this resort are complete, ranging from hotels, cottages, restaurants, souvenir shops to discos. To hold upward able to relish the beauty of these beaches, y'all are charged 10,000 rupiah per person.

9. Sinka Island Park

Sinka Island Park is an integrated leisure commons inwards the Gulf Ma'jantuh, Singkawang. In these places in that location are zoos, swimming pools to the beach.

Sinka Zoo is a mini zoo inwards this tourist spot. Inside in that location are most 200 private animals from 62 species that exist. For admission to the zoo, y'all volition hold upward charged 10,000 rupiah.

If y'all desire to relish the panoramic persuasion of the beach, y'all tin croak to Banjau Beach. To croak to this beach, y'all accept to pay 20,000 Rupiah. This Banjau beach edges of stone that is non suitable for swimming. To swim, y'all tin croak to the puddle that has been provided.

Additionally, y'all tin cross the wooden dyad to the isle Simping. The isle is touted equally the smallest isle inwards the world. Interestingly, despite the small-scale size, in that location is a temple here. To hold upward able to gear upward pes on this island, y'all volition hold upward charged a fee of 15,000 rupiah.

10. Museum of West Kalimantan

This museum is also known equally the Museum of Pontianak. This historical sights located inwards Jalan General Ahmad Yani, Pontianak. The museum is divided into 3 zones which accept 3 dissimilar collections. Starting from artefacts findings inwards western Borneo, a collection of regal objects, fine art arts and crafts too civilization of Dayak tribe, to a collection of ceramics from China.

Outside the museum building, in that location is a small-scale garden amongst a wooden dyad that is ofttimes used equally a location photograph past times visitors. The museum is opened upward every Tuesday through Thursday, at 8 a.m. to 16:00 too Fri to Sunday, hours 08:00 to 15:00. Monday, move correct is closed.


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